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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 28, 2011

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Submitted: May 28, 2011



the drugs are all i need

my addiction is my only comfort,

to me its a limitless feeling.

Taking me up and over the edge.

its a wicked high thats wrapped in pure bliss.

you just dont understand do you ?

i need it more then i need you

and without it i dont even want you

with one single hit.

 it Intoxicates me on a level all its own.

Taking me over,

it takes my mind, body and soul.

Consuming every aspect of mylife,

it controlls every thought i have and every action.

dont judge me unless you have felt the feeling


it’s a fire that burns in my veins.

a thirst i would die for .and i dont care if do

its an endless dosent stop

i  need it more then food or sex.

Itsmy escape,

its my prison.

its my paradise.

without it i will go insane,

but with it i feel like i amgoing insane .

my life sucks ,no one cares my world is spinning

please someone help me , but i dont want your help

im in a no win situation

the drugs feed my desperation,

and im fueled by starvation

you dont and cant understand.

Its hold is Unbreakable

Its quality; way Understated

Its duration; Infinite and sexy

It gives me a huge amont of power

and who are you to tell me us what i want or need

fuck you ,Worry about yourself and your needs.

so what if im Infecting your lives yourdreams.

Its the Ultimate high baby .

Its what ireally desire

fuck you , i don’t wanna be saved

the high takes me to places you could never take me

i  lose myself  in it

im  on a path of distruction with no return

and i  don’t mind being a hostage to it

i  love the way it feels inside me

and when i die make sure you spend lots of time

blaming your self for what ive done

and thinking of the ways you could have stopped me

 you see i loved you but i love IT MORE !!!

I  love you

MY addiction.


© Copyright 2020 floridajoe. All rights reserved.

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