Toughest Me

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It is a poem about a girl who is always wondering and fancy every beautiful thing around her. This is a motivating poem. Life must goes on.

Submitted: September 08, 2014

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Submitted: September 08, 2014




I envy the glimmering of stars at night,

They get everyone attention and stay shining for the whole night.

I admire the beauty of colourful flowers,

They look as good as the attractive smell they used to have.

I fancy the beautiful white crane that flies through the sky stomach,

How does it flies? How come it seems so pure and free?



Every time I close my eyes,

I hope that everything will be alright;

Even the reality is not going to treat you so nice.

Keep your head up- do not let yourself down,

Not all are going to be bad even they look that way.

Never regret, enrich your experience for another journey ahead.

Believe is the key to end up every chapter fantastically.



I am not that twinkling stars at night,

I am not the colourful flowers that blooming so impressively,

Not even the fluffy white crane that flies freely in a soothing breeze.

I am the toughest me.

And I will always be.

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Toughest Me

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