Project Crispr

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No...he's alive...but...I killed him

Submitted: August 16, 2014

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Submitted: August 16, 2014



The forest was silent, covered by darkness it was another world different from the towns and farms around it. The perfect silence of this dark abyss was only broken by the relentless song of crickets. Tap. Tap. Tap. There it was again. The stubborn sound dragged me from my dreams and pulled me to my bedroom window. The moon was buried behind clouds, making it completely dark out. Tap. Tap. Tap. I pushed the window open, letting the breeze wrap itself around me, my strawberry blonde hair getting in my eyes. My icy blue eyes scanned the horizon. Nothing…but the sound was so familiar…no, please…no. A nauseated feeling spread across me as the memory came crawling back.

“I was alone…cold…hungry. I was disorientated from all the tests and the needles and the acrid disinfectant smell that permeated my entire childhood…growing up in a lab, as an experiment. The lights flickered on. Blinding me.  Heavy footsteps slowed in front of my dog crate. Then that tap. Tap. Tap. Of claws against the bars. I shivered.

“Well, well, well,” a rough voice grunted, “comfortable?”

I turned towards the guard. His muscles rippling under the light. An Eraser. A half-man, half-wolf creature. Dustin.

“I said, are you comfortable sis?” Dustin grunted again.

I scowled at the last part. Dustin shifted; suddenly his strong hands were clasped around my throat. Tighter. Tighter. Then a booming voice projected into the room.

“Project Crispr is needed alive!” it boomed, “bring her!”

Dustin growled and flung me against the dog crate like I was some ragdoll.

“Time to go” he hissed.


We rounded the corner and entered the Gene Therapy labs. My hands turning white from gripping the bars for too long. We stopped. The door CLICKED! as the lab door opened. Dustin wheeled me inside. The room was simple. A metal bed in the middle with various instruments around. Dustin unlocked my crate and reached in, grabbing my chains. I’ve had enough of this. Before Dustin took another step, I reared out and swiped at his eyes. Giving a loud roar, he dropped the chains. This was my chance. Before he could grab at me again, I swung a leg out, fast and hard, and knocked Dustin’s feet right out from under him. Everything got kind of messy after that. A rush of seriously ticked-off mutant freak and Dustin launched a roundhouse kick to my gut. I struggled for air as I slammed into the wall. Something hot and sticky seeped down my neck. Growling, I rushed at him again. Just as he was close enough, I jerked upward, snapping my wings open. That’s where the ‘mutant freak’ part comes in. I flew just out of his reach in time, he roared in frustration. I grabbed on to a pipe hanging loose from the ceiling, swung forward and slammed it into Dustin. He stopped. Wide-eyed, Dustin sank to the ground, clutching at his impaled chest. No…what have I done…blood slowly seeped through his shirt as he fell to the ground, his limbs twitching convulsively. He let out a sigh and stopped twitching. No…and I ran from that place.”

My room materialised before me, the memory like a dream. I was safe. I closed the window, turning around I stopped mid step. The sound etched into my room. Tap. Tap. Tap. No…I killed him…I imagined his blood on my hands again. I shivered. I killed him. The tapping stopped. Don’t look. Don’t look. I turned around. Seeing nothing at first I went to turn around, then BAM! his face filled the window. Dustin. I staggered backwards. The window clicked open. A grin played at his lips. His hairy hand reached in and opened the latch. It creaked as he stepped inside.

“Well,” he began, “miss me?”



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