The Next Heartbroken Teenage Boy

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Story number 5 in my Shuffle The Game series. Another prewritten story I found on my computer. I guess this is from the time when I had a small obsession with Harry Potter hahaha. This story was inspired by Who'd Have Know by Lily Allen. I know its short, I left room for myself to expand upon the idea. Enjoy. or not. this isnt one of my favorite pieces.

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



all i was doing was texting a friend when my heart broke. my friend brittany was texting me one day telling me how horrible the rotc trip to dc was. everyone was high and drunk and ill admit it, i was a party of my own. just as i got a little bit tipsy my friend started texting me 'this is getting horrible' i was confused. my mistake was asking 'why?' her responce? 'liz and nicolle are so drunk their abouta fuck.' in that moment my heart riped in 2. days later when they returned to the school, (boarding school) liz and nicolle were all happy and smiley but they werent a couple. just "fuck-buddies". see me and nicolle have been flirting for awhile and i guess i missed my chance to make a move. i guess when she noticed that not only had i stoped flirting, i stopped talking to her in general. it was painful to look at them. it was painful just to look at nicolle let alone when they were together. i was thinking about going back to public school but i have too many friends here. i decided to stick it out. let me tell you a little bit about my school. the movie harry potter was based off of my school. the school colors were the same, red,green,purple, and blue but there was also a black group only for kids in rotc and it was a small group. couldnt be more that 120. anyways one night i was sitting on a couch in the common room next to the fire place texting people when my friend meagan comes out. "hey santos." "whats goin on o'leary?" "nothing. whats going on between you and nicolle" she didnt know i was inlove with her or what happened in dc. "nothing. why do you ask?" "i dont know it just seems like theres tention or something between you guys" "oh really?" "yeah and it seems like youve been avoiding her." "im not." "dude are u sure ur ok? u seem a little off" "im fine. dont worry about it." she let out a sigh and said "alright enough crap, dude i know about what happened in dc." mabey she did then. "and i know u were like inlove with her." how was she so smart? "so what." "i know its painful dude. i couldnt imagin how u feel now. love of ur life fucking with another girl" "i dont care who she fucks. she doesnt know how i feel and thats it. she doesnt care. so why should i show it?" "becuase-" "becuase what? it doesnt fucking matter anymore its not like shes gonna find out! and even if she did, she wouldnt give a shit cuz im just another guy. im not extraordinary im just normal. im not anything shes looking for in a guy! so she can fuck everyone on the face of the earth and it doesnt bother me." "at all?" "not one bit." after a few seconds of silence. "how long did it take for u to come up with that bull shit. "what are-" that was some good bull shit. i didnt beilieve any of it but it was some good bull shit." "im not-" "shut the hell up. i know it bugs u its written all over your face. you like a love sick puppy. dude its ok to be upset" "but im not bothered by it." "liar." "so what if im lieing! maybe if i lie to you and everyone else, maybe ill trick myself into beilieving it and wont have to deal with the pain. lieing is whats keeping me going right now. lieing is what is helping me get through. so if i have to lie, that shouldnt matter to you. im just doing whats best for me."she shook her head and began to walked away. but before she did she turned around and said "you know, you dont always have to be the tough guy. its ok to let your feelings show." she continued to walk away but once more she stoped and turned her head "by the way ass hole, shes right behind you" i couldnt beilieve it. i turned on a lamp and slowly turned around. she was red and puffy and crying. i slapped my head into my hand. i went up to try and calm her down "nicolle im-" she held out one hand signaling me to stop as she backed up and ran away. i felt horrible. the next day after classes i got in late and everyone was gone except for nicolle. of freaking corse. i just walked upstairs to the boys baracks and put my stuff down. right as i was getting stuff out of my bag out of the corner of my eye i saw nicolle standing at my door way. maybe it was a good time to make a move? "nicolle?" "kyle can we talk" "about" "last night" "no" i was walking around now. "but-" "no" "just-" "no" "we-" "no" i started walking twoard the door. "kyle-" i got infront of her and layed my hand on her face and my forehead to hers as i rotated her so her back was against the door frame with one hand gripping the frame and one gripping my polo academy shirt and my free hand holding her at the waist pulling her body close to mine. with our lips with kissing distance, in a soft voice i said "no" i let go and started to leave the hand holding my shirt losened and just let her fingers slide across my torso as i walked away. that night i was hanging out in my room laying on my bed in red shorts and a grey tanktop reading something on my itouch when she once again caught my eye in the doorway. her blue plaid pants and black sphgeti strap shirt were hard to notice though. "nicolle." "im here to talk. and your gonna shut up and listen." "fine." i put my itouch down and patted the bed "come talk to me." she sat down next to me and said "listen, i didnt know that you knew about dc and i didnt know u had any feelings for me and im so sorry. but it hurt when you said it didnt bother you becuase when you said you had to lie to hide the pain-" her eyes were welling up with tears. "i didnt mean for all this to happen i swear. if i knew how you felt i would have told you too. im so sorry please forgive me." i was at a loss for word. "i understand if you never wanted to talk to me again." as she got up i grabbed her hand and pulled her back to the seat. she was confused. so was i. i didnt know how to word what i wanted to tell her so i just layed my hand on her face, wiped a tear away, and brought her face closer to mine. within kissing distance i wispered "you're already forgiven" we both smiled and her long waiting, eager lips found mine as we kissed. i pulled back a enough to say "were gonna have to give liz the bad news." "already taken care of" she said. when she kissed me again i pulled away and shut the door. when i came back i took her in my arms and layed her on my bed as i layed next to her and kissed/held her for i dont know how long. it was perfect.

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