The Virus - False Hope

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This is story number 4 in my Shuffle the Game series. I thought this was an ok idea. I had prewritten this story and when I heard this song, Alone In This Bed by Framing Hanley, I thought the story would be a good fit. (yes I know its short i left room for myself to expand upon the idea)

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



At this point i had nothing but one thing on my mind. Get Nicolle out of this place and off to saftey before its too late and she changes. Durring the struggle she was bitten and hit over the head with a lamp. So i threw her over my sholders and hauled ass out of there. Why the hell did we have to take refuge in a god forsaken warehouse for?! i ran through some doors, layed her down on the stairs, blocked the door, took her back up and ran up the stairs. the chairs and desk should give me a few extra muinets to get ahead of them and lose them. when i got to our floor i put nicolle down on her bed and went into the fridge were we keep all the leftover blood from the dead people we find. i grabbed a jar, ran to the stairwell and dropped it. it had to be a good 15 story drop. when i heard the jar break i ran into our room and locked the door. the smell of the blood should keep them off our trail for a while. after locking the door i ran to the first aid closet and grabbed the anti-change kit. this has happend before but i dont know if i was fast enough this time. i got to her side and ran my fingers through her hair for a moment as i looked into her eyes. i could almost remember the old days. when we would walk on the beach, hand in hand, while the sun set, cuddeling by the fire when the moon rose, being awaken by the slight breeze and smell of the ocean, sitting on roof of our appartment building just talking for hours and hours. but that all changed when the virus arose. we had to run and run and never stop until we found this abandond wearhouse stored with a life time fill of food and water. we had a pretty good system going until someone else found the building and led the vampires here. now they stalk the area waiting for us to come out. we vowed to each other that if one of us is too late to save the other, the one who will change will be shot before the change is compleat. If i am the one to do it, i cant bare to live in a world where she doesnt exist. shes my whole life. shes my everything. shes the reason why im still fighting for survival. my shaking fingers quickly opened the box and grabbed a surindge and flilled it with the vaccine. i lifted her arm as she began to wake up. she began to murmer moans of pain. she new if she screamed, they would hear. i wiped a tear off her cheek "dont worry nicolle. it'll all be over soon" but in reality, i didnt know if she was going to change or not. i quickly found a vein on he pale skin and stuck the surindge in it and injected her with the vaccine. when it was empty i pulled it out and threw it to the side. i couldnt tell if it was working or not. if she began to regain some strength, it would be working. If she lost contiousness agian, then well, you know. i walked to the cabnet to get my pistol just in case. i threw it in my back pocket and sat on the bed next to her. i cradled my her head against my chest and held her close as we watched the sunset through the tiny window. this reminded me of the time when she broke up with her abusive boyfriend. i snuck into her room the way i always do, jump from my terris to hers, and held her till she stopped crying. i rested my cheek ontop of her head as i let a few tears loose from my eyes. with a shakey voice i said "i love you, Nicolle. I love you with all my heart." she then said in a weak voice "i love you to Benjamin. Please dont leave me." "ill never leave you. not even death can keep us apart." i said as i pressed my lips to hers. they were cold, near lifeless. i put my forehead to hears as i shut my eyes tight and let a few more tears stream down my face. as she layed her hand on my cheek to pull me in for another kiss, i knew the answer to the question thats been buzzing around in my head for the last several muinets: Did the vaccine work?

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