Barbwires of My Heart

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A nice dark poem I wrote to express how I feel

Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



My Velvet time so filled with strife
Midnight sunset so full of life

Nightmares dance around for a while
they make me shake and shiver with a smile

My buzzing mind lives in the dark
So you’ll never see what’s trapped in my heart

From all the madness my minds put me through

I never did and never will know what to do

With each thought I lose a hold

My writing now trapped in my soul

In the barbwire surrounding my heart

I think and think “where do I start?”

I laugh and giggle as I fall on the floor

I let out a roar, “GIVE ME SOME MORE!”

My stomach in knots I give that thought

My writing is insane it’s completely distraught!

I know really well how you feel inside

Happy, jolly but everyone cries

My writing may tear you apart

But please don’t cry, it’s what’s in my heart

I do care a lot about the human race

But hey who can argue with the look on their face

They read my writing and look up with a shock

Cover their mouths and they hear a knock

It’s me returning them to reality

Don’t be afraid it’s just a dream

It’s not real, or so it seems

Really truly it’s just me

I stop, make you inhale and tell you “take a breath”

“I’m sorry if my writing scares you to death”

I know from their eyes they think it’s not fair

That all I ever write is madness and despair

Your mind thinks of Rainbows in a far away land

Mines Mayhem, destruction and departure by hand

My pen sets off in a whirling stream

Of the thoughts of an insane mad man scream!

Hahaha you hear me laugh

Can’t take it? Fine, then don’t read that

The words on the page increase in size

As I dilate my pupils and try to close my eyes

I can’t, I won’t! I must not stop

The music in my heart must not clot.

I sigh and stop and let my hand drop

This was fun but it’s about time I stop

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