Infectious Love

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The waves of undead seas..

Submitted: March 19, 2012

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Submitted: March 19, 2012



I wait to kill them, make them dead
I wait to shoot them,
in the head
There they lay on the floor
there hearts not beating anymore
The blood  sparkles from the new fallen dead
that gives a shine, like rubys so red
My love falls and is infected
I utterly say that it was unsuspected
I point and aim my gunfor there head
I wispher ''sorry but, you'll be undead''
they jump up and try to give me a bite
I snap there neck and Ibegin the fight
I grab a rock and bash there brain
They crack my arm and I scream in pain
your making me suffer! your making me hurt!
Your worth less then nothing, and less then dirt!
I crush there eyes making them bleed
Im tired of thoughs undead puplis looking at me!
they give out a groan while there eyes are tore out
I begin to freak out and I start to shout
I reach in my pocket and pull out my knife
I scream out loud ''NOW YOU PAY WITH YOUR LIFE!''
the person I once loved is now undead
I now know I cant bring them back agian
love please forgive me!
let it be! you shall rest, in eternal piece!
I stab my undead love in the face
I get up, run and The zombies begin to take chase

the brain sucking maggot sacks never leave me alone

they chase you forever and ever to places unknown

Theres no end to the waves of the dead
the only escape is to meet my fate
and lay
as the worms feast on my decay

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