Sharing The Fear

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The Dark so dreadful. The thought of something being taken from you forever, you work all your life just to get it snatched away.

Submitted: May 06, 2012

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Submitted: May 06, 2012



With the flicker of a light it went cold and the air sent a chill up his spine. The power had gone out which left him calling out in fear. I never did understand what the moral sense of being shaken up by his fear was, but then again how could I? I never did know why he was afraid of the dark. When you look at it the way most people do, the dark is just the act of light vanishing for a short period of time and then returning. David had a fear of the dark. I wondered why, and I found out why. It was not the act of the light disappearing, but the cold dreadful silence and blankness that came with the short amount of time, and not knowing if that time would be so short. It was a short stabbing pain that was so unexpected and so very undeserved by him. I realised he didn’t hate the dark, he hated the feelings and emotions that came from within the dark. The thought of everyone being swept away from him in an instant, his whole life leading up to that very moment, just to have them disappear. The dark was cold but gave no mercy. The dark had never changed and with dark nothing new could ever occur. Nothing could be counted on in the Dark, because you’re just a rat that can’t see in front. His fear became rational to me. To him it was the end of his life that he feared the most.

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