The Nightmare That Changed Everything

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A story of a girl who lost the one person that ment everything to her... True story:/.

Submitted: December 04, 2010

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Submitted: December 04, 2010



“You don’t know what you have until it is gone”… “Everything can change in the blink of an eye”… “Nothing is as it seems.”  These sayings sum up everything that can happen to a person in their young life. There are things we can’t stop from changing, things that you wish you could change.  But change is going to come, no matter what we do, either by preventing it or trying to make it happen.

Summer is supposed to be fun. Teenagers are supposed to be goofing off and acting random with their family and friends. It was two weeks before school started and I know everyone was busy gathering school supplies together, buying clothing for the dreadful day that said, “You are our slave again.” I was looking forward to school; I would get to see my friends again. Everything was happening as expected. We were getting food for the family at H-E-B, and Mama wasn’t feeling well. Her chest was hurting again. It was making Tricia and me nervous, but we didn’t know what to think because the doctor had called that morning and said she was okay, everything was fine. She couldn’t stand up, her breathing was shallow, and her vision was blurry. Mama couldn’t sit up straight. Lying back in the passenger seat, Tricia drove us home. I wanted to take her to the hospital but she said, “No, I’m fine; just get me home and let me lie down.” I shouldn’t have listened to her. I should have told her that we are taking her to the hospital. But Mama feared hospitals like the English men feared the plague. She hated being in hospitals, believed nothing good ever came from them. So we did what she said, we drove the fifteen minute drive home, I worried the whole way if Mama was going to get better.

The drive was quiet besides Mama’s moans of pain. Every time she cried out in pain I would close my eyes and think of happier thoughts. She’s going to be okay. This is all a dream. Everything happens for a reason. It didn’t help, she would still cry out and I would try to hold back the tears. When we arrived home Mama went straight to her room, and I into my grandparent’s room to talk to them about it, to see if we needed to call 911.

They said no, and Grandma told me to tell her to go take a shower. “Mama, Grandma said to take a shower. It should ease the pain. I’m in my room if you need me, just call and I’ll come, okay?” I told her when I walked into her room, romance novel in hand. She had just nodded, and that was enough to convince me to leave her to take a shower.

She only called on me twice. The last time I took longer than I should have. All I wanted to do was finish the chapter to the book that I was reading. One measly chapter that I could have just placed on my bed as soon as I heard her scream for me, but I didn’t; I kept reading. I kept doing something that hurt her even more than I realized at the time. I walked into the bathroom expecting for her to tell me something, something like, “Go get me a towel; there aren’t any clean ones,” or “Stay in here with me for a couple minutes; I want to talk,” or even “I love you.” But she said none of that, she said nothing at all. Even after I called out to her, but all I got was nothing. Sterile silence. When I pushed the shower curtains back, Mama was lying on the bathtub floor, her face the color of blueberries. She was choking on her own blood. The blood that was supposed to give her life was the same blood that took it away.

Life comes and goes in a flash of lightning; the clap of thunder is just the effect of what can happen. I’m scared to take life for granted now. I’m scared of losing the people I love. After all this happened, I discovered more of my fears. But I know that where ever her spirit may be, it is where she believed she would be. She’s where her mind placed herself after death.


This is a true story....

R.I.P Kristina Lynn Appling
April 2, 1970
August 16, 2007
Beloved mother, daughter, and friend.
You will be missed....

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