A girl named Molly

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A girl who had everything looses it in a day and embarks on finding happiness

Submitted: November 14, 2012

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Submitted: November 14, 2012



chapter 1 I woke up in sweat,  I had the same nightmare, I was lost I couldn’t find my way home, I crept to my parents room, the house was silent and only my footsteps could be herd. I swept  threw the hallways until I found myself in front of the perfectly white and blue door, I don’t know why I was scared, it seemed that behind  the piece of finely cut wood, was my nightmares, the reason I awoke. I ignored my thoughts and enter the room, like the hallways it was dark and quiet, I felt my way over the king sized bed. I crawled into the middle and forced my self to close my eyes and drift into my thoughts. I awoke to my mother gently tickling my cheek, she had laid my cloths perfectly on the bed with my shoes shined, and my skirt folded just right. I dressed and picked up my bag on the way out. As I arrived my friends ran to welcome me, we sat at the fountain and waited to be invited into the class. as I ruled my perfect red margin a lady from the office ran in crying, she looked at me with a traumatized look, her eyes crying pain. she told me to graver my things and to run to the office.

the office was crowded with people. a lady grasped my hand and pulled me out of the crowd. tshe came to my height, and tried to fight the tears that were so disparity trying to escape. she took a breath and started to cry with me. she explained that a fire had started, my parents were asleep, they were killed in the flames , she tried to hug me but I forced the thin figure from grasping me, I ran dropping my belongings, I ran towards the house, I could smell the flames. and I could see the smoke rising in fury from the building. I arrived at the police tape. I screamed as I saw two burnt figures being removed from the site. I fell to the ground, clutching my knees, i was alone, I was scared, and I was destroyed. I sat and cried for so long, the lady that I refused came to me, She picked me up and carried me to the car. I awoke in an office curled in a ball on a chair. it was a office full of tall people and children. The lady and me were called to the desk, the woman behind took some papers from the lady and stamped them. the lady once again came my height and tried her best to explain that her name was Jane and I was going to live with her until official arrangements were made. we got into the black car, and drove away.   chapter 2 most of us has herd the saying 'you don't know what you got, till its gone' I finally understand it, I lost my family, my house, my friends, my life. I went threw day bye day not realizing how lucky I was, I had everything. and in the space of a day I lost it, forever.   we had been driving for a while now, we had past the airport, and were coming into a strange neighborhood, we pulled into a small house, bye then I didn’t have the ability or strength to force myself out of the vehicle. so she carried me, she barely managed to open the door. she opened the door to a room, a small and dark room, she place me ever so gently and let me rest.

i awoke in a strange place, there was no cloths laid on the bed, no shined shoes, no folded skirt. I stumbled into the what she called the 'living room' there was a blue couch and a TV. she was sitting, reading my paperwork. she heard my footsteps and quickly flinched to see my destroyed and scared face. she forced herself from the couch to come to my reach. she was destroyed to, she new how I felt, but she didn’t, no one can every know how I felt, she once again came to my height, she leaned into me to hug me, I let her, she looked surprised but hugged me all the same. \" you are a beautiful girl, don’t you forget that, your parents will always be with you\" she reach and placed my shaking hand onto my heart, \"they are in there, can you feel it, that’s them they are beating your heart, just never forget that, ok?\" I looked at her beautiful face, I feel into her grasp, I started to cry again, I hugged the only person who I could. \" I didn’t get to say goodbye, I  didn’t say I loved them, I love them Jane, I love them, can I tell them that?\" I cried, she regained her height and grabbed my hand, without a word she pulled me to the car, still not speaking, we drove, and drove, and drove.   chapter 3 we finally stopped, we at my house, a black and burned house. we got out and walked slowly. we came to the door, I stood and looked at her warily \" its your house, open the door!\" so, bye janes orders I turned the handle and entered the remains. I lead her to my parent’s room. I looked at the what was once a blue and white door, I entered, I saw the bed the dressing table, I ran to the window and dropped to my knees, \"mum, dad? can you here me, if you can, I love you, don't forget that, please mum, dad, don't forget me, I love you so much, ill be fine Jane is a beautiful and lovely woman, I have to go now, goodbye\". I arose from my knees and held Jane’s hand, \" I'm ready to go now\" I whispered. 

chapter 4 the drive home was long and silent, I didn’t have the strength or will to talk, I didn't have to strength to care anymore, there was no point grieving, I had to move on. we finally arrived at the house on the corner, as like before she carried me to the door, and once again lad me to dream about my parents. I was woken bye my mother, she was tickling my cheek again, my cloths at the end of the bed, and my shoes shined. they were back, I jumped out of bed and hugged my mother, unlike I hugged her before, “mum, I thought I lost you, I lost you, don't leave me, mum, mum ,mum ,don't leave me, I need you, mum? were are you, mum I cant see you, mum!, mum!, please, not again, ..............,\" and I cried, I cried, I just cried, she was gone, I let her leave, again. I herd Jane shouting, I stumbled out of bed, I shuffled into to the kitchen to find Jane, on the floor, she was crying, she told me to leave and go back to my room, I closed the door but could still here her voice. she had to leave the country, her mother was deeply ill, she had to leave soon. she called me into the kitchen, she ordered me to fined my things and go to the car, she said she was gong to explain later. she later came with my papers, we drove even further than before, and we arrived at this large house in the countryside. as we entered into the car park of 'lady flellipo's home for girls'  it looked fine, but, it wasn't, welcoming. before we even came to a stop a tall fine lady walk ever so gracefully out of the house. \" my name is lady flellipo, and I am guessing you are.......\" \"molly, her name is molly\" interrupted Jane, \"ahhhhh, molly, such a pretty girl, such a pretty name\" Jane for the last time name to my height, and said goodbye, she kissed me on the cheek and said \"such a pretty name, such a pretty girl, don't forget that\". she arose and walked away, she didn't look back, and she never came back.

chapter 5 it had been a few weeks since jane left, but stil every week on the same sunday at the same time, i sat at the window ans waited for her to come and get me. i was called for dinner, so like most of the other girls i brushed my hair and straightend my dress. we walked in two lines down the hall and into the dining room. as we ate, a large sound arose from the frontyard, it was a large bang sound, i unlike the other girls jumped from my seat and ran to the door. i squinted threw the stained glass, is was......... was........ it was.......it was jane. she was there. she came to get me. i unlocked the door and ran to her arms. we fell to are knees, we were back together, and I had the only person I cared about back. i introduced jane to my friends, and lady flellipo packed my bags and dressed me in my most best dress. as me and jane walked to the car, lady flellipo ran out to me, shee was holding a photo, \" did you know that your mother was are best writer, she came here too, she was like you, dont loose that, i will miss you molly\"  ihugged the thin lady and mutterd \"i will miss you too\". as we drove away, i realised, i diddnt need my parnts, my home, my friends, to be happy, i was happy, i was finaly happy. 

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