In the mind of my boss

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He's a big shot manager,who has spent his entire life working minimum 12 hours a week.Why does he do it?I might have some ideas....

He came back to his office late in the afternoon.A little bit tired,but eager to get back to his favourite place in the world:the place he ruled.He tought this was something that every real man wants: a place where everyone obeys him.Maybe some people  found this place in their family, but for him it was't enough,he wanted more power. And here,in this small,2 floors office,he was the absolute ruler,he decided what was true and what wasn't; of course he knew the people under him would argue his decisions sometimes,directly,or indirectly,but the final decision was always his. The final truth has only one maker:him.That does miracles for a man's ego.

He grew his son up to share his views and when he was old enough to follow him in the office,the young one knew exactly who he was:the son of the ruler, and what direction should have the communication flow between him and the others:descending;he will not be one of them,but above them,he will only have to obbey one man:the ruler.
 He's just a kid,but his opinion matters a lot to the ruler.Yes,even a beast cares for his young.That much i could see in his eyes,how he likes to put his child in problematic situations,apparently on his own, but he follows the conflict closely,and is ready to jump in at any time.As a reward,at the end,he,the supreme judge of all conflicts, gives his approval to  his young; for him it doesn't matter who was right and who was wrong,it only matters that his young passed the test,he fought back,the best way he knew how.
Just like now,the big decisions are made with his young by his side, maybe he won't get influenced by his advice, after all,he knows his youngest is green,but he has a soft spot for him,and sometimes he cannot say no.And it will be not his flesh and blood who's to pay for the mistakes that may come,no,the sons of powefull people never do; it will only be the simple employees, people that come and go, people who only stay as long as they get paid,simple people that are not to be trusted,are to be used,are to be encouraged and tolerated when needed, but thrown away without remorse when what they do,doesn't help the greatest purpose: profit.
Yes,profit is the only thing that matters,if you are a powerful man,cause profit assures that you will remain a powerful man.

Submitted: September 22, 2010

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