Bound by a Collor

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Just some of my thoughts and worries about the future and the past.

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



Many people do not realise what is going on in this world. Ya you can turn on the news or go onto facebook but what about the things that aren't on those? What bout the pain and shit that only teens seem to know about? Most people don't even take the time out of the day to see what there kids are into.
Being a teen myself, seems wierd to see me say these things. I agree that parents should moniter there kids and teens. If one person would of gived a fuck bout me, I wouldn't be like I am. No one in todays society realises it but one person does make the diffrence.
The only friend I had growing up was my friend Kortney but she was sumisive to me. She wouldn't stand up to me, so she never made a diffrence in my life. I know have a friend trying to change me. He is trying to make me smile, make me laugh, he has tried everything to make me a normal teen girl but he doesn't relise that the damige is already done. My mind can't be changed. I'm way past s&m... I love the feel of a colar and I've been in and out of juvie for months. I have fights after fights and it's because the damage is done. I have no one around me like myself. Every day i wish that some one would come along and either, kidnap me and kill me after he did things to me, or, I would get shot in one of my fights. My whole body is bruised and I fight to feel pain.
I don't like the thought of pain. It doesn't really get me off but it the best i got. If i didn't have the pain.... I guess... I would be fridged...

All the people i have loved in my life has moved on... Aren't people supposed to replace other people who move on with their lives? Aren't there suppose to be some one for everyone?

Why is this all happening? Why isn't someone coming? I understand that a knight in shinning armer is way to far out there but a nice person (im bi) with a twisted mind isn't that hard to come by know a days... Is it???

I guess im done bsing... Please just move on with your lives... The gay storie section is a riot....

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