Into the Abyss

Into the Abyss Into the Abyss

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Angels were meant to fall, and demons were meant to rise. Those are the rules of the Abyss. Rules are broken by a teenage girl with a locket and a shredded soul. Red strings of fate are revealed and the world descends into chaos and darkness. Can Jacklyne put the pieces together with her destiny, Raphael?
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Angels were meant to fall, and demons were meant to rise. Those are the rules of the Abyss. Rules are broken by a teenage girl with a locket and a shredded soul. Red strings of fate are revealed and the world descends into chaos and darkness. Can Jacklyne put the pieces together with her destiny, Raphael?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Into the Abyss

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Angels were meant to fall, and demons were meant to rise. Those are the rules of the Abyss. Rules are broken by a teenage girl with a locket and a shredded soul. Red strings of fate are revealed and the world descends into chaos and darkness. Can Jacklyne put the pieces together with her destiny, Raphael?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 19, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 19, 2014




Blonde curls, spread out on top of the water, lay undarkened by the simple liquid. Blood red lips were parted slightly to reveal glimmering white death. Bright blue eyes could not be seen because of the white powdered eyelids that hid them, and porcelain skin, so frail and delicate, seemed to dip and bob in the water softly. A white, layered dress started sticking to a girl's body, like wet sand. Around the stomach area a stain was spreading, turning the water red.

There was a grin, revealed in the moonlight, that started to move away from the body, away from the river bank. The wind whistled through the trees and bushes, in what seemed to be in a panic. The growl of a wolf and gold eyes moved towards the body. All the same the full moon shown down and the stars revealed no secrets.

White powdered eyes opened.

"When we forgive evil we do not

excuse it, we do not tolerate it,

we do not smother it. We look

the evil full in the face,

call it what it is, let its horror

shock and enrage us,

and only then do we forgive it."

-Lewis S. Smedes

1~Dance with the Devil

"Mrs. Rose, are you okay? You've been gone for quite a while."

“I didn’t feel very well, but I am feeling well now. Thank you for worrying about me Damian.”

She moved elegantly; her arms crossed at the wrists, resting in front of her.

“Oh, Ms. Rose, where did that beautiful gold locket go?”

A jolt of fear went through her as she remembered that she did not have her locket with her. She raised her arm up rubbing her collar bone. It was a funny feeling not having it around her neck. It had felt like it was a part of her for the longest time. This was simply unnatural.

“Ms. Rose?” She snapped back into reality.

“Sorry, I guess I wandered off.” She smiled apologetically.

“Oh, it’s all right. What about the locket?”

“I had the Hawkins boy hold it for me. I didn’t feel well and it felt like it was choking me. I needed some air.”

“Aren’t you afraid he’s going to steal it?”

She looked at the two black dresses in front of her connected to naïve teenage bodies. She almost pushed them away, in disgust, but then remembered the reputation she had to uphold.

“He’s just a troubled boy. That does not mean we should not try to trust him. Am I wrong?”

“Oh no, you aren’t wrong at all,” said one girl.

“Of course not!” the other shrieked.

She nodded a polite goodbye, smiling, and began moving forward again. Whispers of how polite she was and how she could be followed behind her. This made her smile. They did not know how much they were being fooled.

She proceeded to a balcony where a young man was standing in a black tuxedo. His ghostly, pale face was tilted up to the starless sky, his raven, black hair hanging in his silver eyes.

“May I please have my locket back?”

He stiffened, quickly dropping his head so his chin was tilted towards the ground. He glanced at her as his eyes turned to their normal blue with a purple ring around the pupil, heterochromia, one of the most beautiful genetic defects she knew.

.He smiled with gritted teeth; his beautiful eyes showing signs of madness. For a minute she wasn’t worried about her locket. Her thoughts kept returning to his eyes. Would they ever stop returning to his eyes? Yes, because, all at once, with only two words, her thoughts were scattered.

“This locket?” He extended his arm to the side, bent at the elbow slightly. The gold chain of a locket hung on his finger. He tilted his hand so the locket dropped to the ground. She couldn’t bear seeing it harmed. Her hand shot out catching it and she folded her arms into her chest, as if protecting the locket.

“This is very dear to me, Hawkins. Why would you try to take my most precious possession?”

“Excuse me, but the name is Jasper, and are you talking about your life? Could you be talking about the locket, or are they intertwined?” He spun on his heel and walked towards her. His nose was now almost touching hers. She moved back slightly uncomfortable.

“You sound crazy, Hawkins. How could a life be connected to an old locket?” She began to put the locket on, fumbling with the clasp.

He smirked leaning into her ear. His voice sent shivers down her spine as he whispered.

“I will unveil all of your secrets, Jacklyne.  Only for now will you stay the innocent orphan, near her death bed.

He checked the black watch around his wrist, straightened the dark red tie around his neck, and then proceeded to walk away. She watched him disappear into the crowd of people. She took a deep breath. She wished she had gotten to know him better. Maybe they could have been friends.

“Raphael?” Blood red eyes watched her from the shadows in the right corner of the balcony.

“Yes Jacklyne?” She lowered her chin towards the ground and glanced towards the eyes direction. She had an uneasy feeling about the command she was about to give, but she had to protect her reputation.

“He knows too much,” she hissed.

“As if I wasn’t going to go after him in the first place,” the eerie voice laughed.

The eyes disappeared and a gust of wind blew towards her. Playing the part of a weak, terrorized girl, she gasped, stumbled backwards, and fell to the ground. She let out a yelp of pain, attracting several people’s attention.

“Jacklyne are you all right?”

“Sister you’re still sick, why don’t you go lie down?” She stared into the bright blue eyes that matched hers. They seemed worried. Arms, just as pale as hers, wrapped around her.

“Please, don’t scare me like that. I can’t lose you! Mom and dad died. You’ve been all I’ve had left.”  His eyes started to water and tears spilt down his face. She slowly moved a hand up wiping away one of his tears.

“And you are all that I have left. You are my other half, remember that. Please don’t worry.” She looked at her brother as he forced a smile to form on his face. He stood up and offered a hand to help her up. She pushed it out of the way and forced herself to a standing position.  He then placed her hand in his, as delicate as possible, and led her to a boy in a butler’s uniform.

“Please take her to her room.” He let go of her hand reluctantly and the boy nodded. The boy plucked her off her feet like a flower from the ground.

“Please put me down. I can walk on my own. This also looks weird.” She looked around. “Ryder you look 18, it looks like we are dating.”

“Why does this matter to me? Plus, I used to get to do this all the time when you were little. I miss that.” He smirked, carrying her out of the ballroom and up a beautiful staircase with hand carved railings.

He kept walking and soon turned down a hallway. He came to an out of place white door in the midst of a hallway of black doors. He leaned forward, grabbing the gold handle, and pushed the door open. He moved towards a large bed with a gold frame and set her down on it.

“I’m going to sleep in my dress?”

“The maid is not here to put you in your nightgown, and I know you do not have the ability to dress yourself. Goodnight Ms. Rose.” He sounded kind of irritated.

He turned, walked out of the room, and shut the door behind him. The only light that was now in the room was the faint moonlight that creeped into the crack in between the black curtains covering her window. She folded her arms, facing the window. She proceeded to stand up and then walked to a large mirror that hung over a desk.

She took a wipe off the desk and ran it over her lips. The wipe turned red and her lips got paler. She folded it over, covering the red, and closed her eyes. She ran it over her eyelids. White powder was erased and a thick, black ring appeared around her iris. The blue of her iris got paler, began to glow, and blended into her pupil slightly. She set down the wipe and ran a brush through her silky hair.

“Raphael?” The whisper sounded lonely and needful. She listened intently for signs of life, and a sound she heard. It was stumbling, coming from the darkest corner of her room.

“Yes, J-Jack-l-yne?” The sound of liquid splattering on the ground and coughing echoed in her ears.

“Raphael?!” She quickly set the brush down and spun on her heel to face the voice. A seventeen year old boy stood there. Slashes covered his skin and his black suit was tattered. Blood leaked out of his mouth after having just coughed up puddles of it.

“What happened to you?” She put her hands on the sides of his face and looked over his wounds, then into his eyes.

“That kid Jasper was tougher than I thought he was. I was ambushed. A gr-roup of kids attacked me before I could slit his throat.” A tear slid down her cheek as she squeezed her eyes shut. She started shaking her head violently.

“I should never have let you go! I…I should n-never have…”  He held her close to him and laughed.

“You think I wouldn’t have gone anyway? No one is allowed to hurt you and get away with it. Remember, we are bound together, and I will protect you forever, even into oblivion.”

For an instant a red string was tied around their pinkies connecting them to each other.

“The red string of fate, I forgot you had the ability to reveal it.” She smiled and hugged him. “Next time you feel like you may be in danger, please, stop whatever you are doing. You are the only one I care about. I do not care about my twin, Kadence, or whom I’m to be wed to, Damian. I don’t care about the servants or my butler, Ryder.” He nodded.

“You need to get to bed. You’re sick.” He put his hand on her forehead. “Your fever is getting worse by the minute.” He looked into her eyes, worried. “Please, be careful, my rose.” He kissed her on the forehead and slowly backed up. Shadows surrounded him and he was gone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~


 “Show me a hero and

I’ll write you a tragedy.”

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald


~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~~

The ground was black and the sky was blood red. Pieces of land floated everywhere; she looked down at the small chunk of ground she was standing on. It began to crumble beneath her feet. As it withered away her heart pounded against her chest. She began to crash into darkness.

She desperately tried to grab something that wasn’t there. She tried to calm down as all color began to fade, besides that of her blue dress. One would be surprised at how quickly she got a hold of her emotions; one would think she wasn’t human. Maybe she wasn’t.

“I feel like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. The color of my dress and the color of my hair even fits with the story.” She didn’t mean to say it but the whisper slipped out from between her lips.

 “I can’t seem to stop saying everything that comes to my mind, like, was it really smart to come here? I doubt he will accept my proposal. Why can’t I stop talking?” She slammed her hand over her mouth.

She tumbled in an accidental front flip the air rushing at her face as she fell. Soon she was tilted back to an upright position and no more tumbling was had. Her feet came in contact with a checkerboard floor. She looked up to see a boy sitting in a crumbling throne. There were people surrounding him with masks and formal outfits covered in black feathers. They were unmoving and could be mistaken for mannequins.

“What proposal?” He tilted his head to the side and a wicked grin formed on his face. “Don’t bother trying to lie to me, it won’t work.” She slowly lowered her hand to her side.

“You’ve cast a truth spell.” She tilted her chin up slightly. She didn’t want him thinking she was below her true classification in society.

“Close, it’s actually mixed with a spell that makes you reveal your doubts. I find it fun to torment people. I watch them as they try not to reveal everything on their mind.” The floor seemed to jerk and the throne was now in front of her. He leaned forward slightly and rested his head in his hands. He looked at her closely.

“What person hurt you so badly that you came up with the idea to cast these cruel spells?” She rotated her shoulders trying to keep her next statement down her throat. She dropped her eyebrows so she was now glaring, giving into the words.

 “I doubt anyone hurt you at all. You are probably that cruel without help. You have probably been that way since birth. You know your cruelty is so horrifying it’s almost beautiful in its own hellish way.” He raised an eyebrow then huffed.

“Talk down to me why don’t ya? Do you know who I am? I am the King of the fallen. I am the King of the shadows and psychopathic outcasts. Now, why did you come here? Was it for me to help you fall, you pure hearted little angel? Maybe it was to tell you a fortune of love. Even little girls deserve to know their fate..” He shot up out of his chair and suddenly his left arm was wrapped around her waist and his right hand was just below her neck. He was dipping her towards the ground her hair just inches from it. He smirked.

“I just turned fourteen, I am not little! Plus, this is totally creepy!”

“Don’t you know I can reveal the red string of fate?” He completely ignored her.

“That is not at all why I ca-”

He jerked away from her, dropping her on the ground. He stumbled backwards and fell in his throne. The impact from her head slamming into the floor made her choke on her words. He pulled a black handkerchief out of the breast pocket of his suit and put it over his mouth. He looked at her as if he was scared.

“Morgan, why do I feel funny? My heartbeat won’t slow down. It feels as if I was struck by lightning” He seemed to spit out the words as if they were poison. He started shaking.

“Morgan make it stop!!” he yelled.  She pulled herself off of the ground and winced a sudden pounding in the back of her head. It was like a hammer pounding on metal.

“Who’s Morgan?” She looked at the boy thinking about whether or not she should yell at him for not only dropping her but grabbing her in the first place. One of the figures began to move. Her dark red hair, that had been inhumanly still before, now moved like normal hair. Red eyes focused on the girl.

“That would be me.” Morgan’s whisper sent chills down the girl’s spine. Morgan draped a pale arm down the boy’s chest. She seemed to be full of thought. He wrapped his hands around her arm, gripping it tightly. The constant blinking and enlarged pupils truly showed the age he looked .seventeen. This was the fear that was showing.

“Raphael, reveal her string of fate.” The red head was suddenly serious. Morgan didn’t seem to like her at all.

“Are you sure about this?” Morgan nodded. He grabbed the girl’s wrist and a red string formed around her pinky. She tilted her head to see where the string led to. It connected to his pinky. His eyes widened and he quickly looked up at Morgan. The look in his eyes seemed to plead with her to let something go or, maybe not even kill someone.  

Red eyes got brighter and fangs were bared.  A hissing noise echoed in her ears. The girl jerked her hand out of the boy’s wrist and clapped her hands over her ears. The hiss was not a pleasant sound. She had a feeling something bad was going to happen so she spun on her heel and began to run.

 The tiled floor seemed to go on her miles and the tap of her white heels against it echoed everywhere. The walls surrounding and the roof seemed to turn into the tiled floor. She felt like she was running down a never ending, spiraling tunnel. It was nauseating and she felt like throwing up.

“Morgan!” came a shout. She turned around to check behind her and saw Morgan right in front of her, fist raised. Morgan looked bloodthirsty. She did not know what she did. Was Morgan in love with him? Did Morgan believe she would intervene? The weirdest think about this wasn’t that she was Raphael’s fate but how defensive Morgan was. It seemed as if she owned him.

“DIE!” Morgan screeched. The girl raised her arms in front of her face to protect herself. She believed this was very much the end.

End of Chapter One

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