I Hate 5 Star Occasions

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once again, i find that i am horrible at dealing with shoes and footwear, and horrible at keeping them on my feet.

Submitted: March 03, 2010

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Submitted: March 03, 2010



I was invited to someone's Bat Mitzvah one night. When I got there, it was a hotel, very fancy. After the service I walked into a huge room. There were dinner tables and a dance floor. I was wearing a white, short skirt with a black, shiny top. I was wearing high heels that had a wood bottom and black straps. There was a small opening for my toes. I wore socks that only went up to my ankles, because it was cold out. I needed to get them off, because people were staring. Suddenly I spilled a coke on my feet. They felt so uncomfortable. I gasped and dropped to the floor, unstrapping my high heels and ripping my socks off. It drew a lot of attention. I ran to the bathroom barefoot, climbed on the sink, and washed my feet. Then i tried them with paper towels. I walked back to where my high heels were, only to find out they were wet too. So i used my socks to dry them. I must've looked really awkward, a barefoot girl sitting there drying her high heels with her socks. People started taking pictures. I had to leave. I picked up my shoes and socks and treaded barefoot away, to the main lobby of the hotel.They followed me, to my displeasure. I had to walk around the whole hotel barefoot, attracting people's stares. Then the cornered me, and I couldn't go anywhere. I started putting on my high heels. Just as my foot was halfway slipped in my left shoe, someone grabbed my right shoe and ran. I was took by surprise. I didn't even bother to finish putting on my left shoe. Big mistake. I should have just took it off and ran after them. But I just ran. With my feet stuck half in, half out of my shoe, I couldn't run. I stumbled after them at one mile per hour. I heard their laughter disappearing as they ran down the stairs. I tried to take the stairs. I took one step and fell the entire flight. I landed at the bottom, shoe twisted and busted up around my ankle. The heel had broke, and my foot had forced through the small opening for my toes, and now that opening was wrapped around my ankle. I had no hope except to returning to the room where everybody was. I walked to the room, one foot bare, the other with a shoe stuck on it, twisted around the ankle. As I came in, the worse thing happened. EVERYBODY started taking pictures. Then the DJ made me dance. I was too embarrassed to even walk, let alone dance. I stumbled around on my bare feet for a while, and collapsed from the chase in the hotel making me tired. everybody started picking at the shoe stuck around my ankle. I crawled away but they just dragged me back. then a kid came up to me and returned my high heel shoe he took. I put it on awkwardly, too embarrassed to look up at the flashing cameras, or else they would see my tomato colored face. To my horror, there was food in it. I desperately tried to rip it off. But it had super glue on it. I couldn't take it off. Well thats about it that happened that night.

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