The Heart of You

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I never thought, I'd enjoy to see another man die, because of me.

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012



A body gone cold

Dread; fear has now taken hold

One precious life, sold.


I want to bleed

For eternity.

The one who wants

To die is me.


The psycho thoughts

Of a killers mind,

Let’s take a look

Back in time.


I recall clearly

The one time I snapped;

I killed him, I swear...

I held nothing back...


I slaughtered him,

And enjoyed it too.


There's no need

To mention who.


I know it's hard

To understand

Of one good reason

To kill a man.


But there's more to it

Then guns and knives;

There are many more ways

To take a life.


The hanging way

Is painful sounding.

And then again,

There's always drowning.

A bullet to the head, or fire!

What about

A piano wire?


To execute,

Or slit his throat.

To hate, to throb,

To bleed, to choke...


To rip his veins,

And pour them out.

Listen to

His screams and shouts!


I'll rip his heart out,

And eat it whole.

For the innocence

That he stole!


I'll cut off his hands

And drink up the blood.

I'll kill him again

For the life that he fucked!


You use a bat?

I use a pipe!

You use a razor?

I use a knife!


I never thought

I'd enjoy to see

Another man die

Because of me.


But you’re no man,

No, you’re a fool!

Who made the mistake,

And used my friends as tools.


So you better pray,

To whom you believe

That the day never comes

When you'll meet me.


When time, for you,

Will stop forever


To never ever...


I'll make you beg

So much it'd hurt.

I'll rip your heart out

Right through your shirt.

I'll chain you up

Against a bed;

I'll make you wish

That you were dead!


I'll show you just

How much pain I can cause.

I'll prove to you

That I'm the boss!


I'll break you down,

And you'll start seething.

The mercy in me

Slowly leaving...


The pain you'll feel?

Worse than others.

What'll I do?

Heh...It makes me shudder!


I'll rip your Adams

Apple out.

Feed you poison

And watch it come out.

I'll tear your lungs

And catch my breath.


The best thing for you

Now is death!


I'll tie you to

A fucking rock!

And throw you off

A god damned dock.


I'll make you suffer

I swear I will...

All i can think is

Kill, kill, kill!


I can't control it

Any longer.

The hatred in me,

Growing stronger.

I can't take another

Fucking lie.

I can't take this.

I want to die.


But my suffering,

It doesn't matter.

No one cares

If my pain gathers!


So I'll take it

Out on you!

I'll make you wish

You never knew.


I'll make you wish

This pain would cease.

And put your fucking

Mind at ease!


It hurts so much;

I wanna die.

It's slowly burning

Me alive!


Some wonder why

I think this way.

How I live with myself



It's easy really.

All I have to do,

Is look in the jar

At the heart of you!

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