The Sand Bar

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Short story from "Drinking Time" Book

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




The Sand Bar


On a misty morning, cruising with my car on the highway, hearing the Beetles and 60’s music when I am in the 2000’s, I was going to a barbershop to cut my hair, but I hate to cut my hair for my ideas come from it. I got lost on the way to the barbershop, I stopped by a man wearing a green Galabiya and I asked him for a barbershop nearby. He didn’t answer and pointed to the sea, then moved his lips silently; he was a mute. The man was holding a glass cup full of colored smoke; he offered me a puff.  After I inhaled the colored smoke I saw a sand bridge he was pointing to, and I heard his voice saying, “There is a barbershop over there, somewhere”

I didn’t exhale the smoke, I waved to the man goodbye and he waved back saying, “hello”

I went up the sand bridge, its physically impossible to build a curling bridge made of sand, I praise such imaginary engineering. 

There were advertisements everywhere, one for a hotel called free legs, it’s logo was just two legs crossed freely, its slogan was “………….....” Although I hated slogans, I liked that one, for all slogans tend to come from another world that I always longed to be, but in the end delivered me to a place I never wanted to be. I remember a fizzy drink advertisement, with a slogan “For the stronger heart”

I passed by another advertisement, which was for a steak restaurant, a piece of steak, with café de Paris and the slogan was “We are the things we love the most”

I said to myself, I will definitely eat in that restaurant. Beneath the slogan was an arrow pointing to the other side of the bridge. Then on the way there were beautiful paintings and timeless quotes everywhere, instead of stupid signs. I have to say it was the greatest bridge I have ever driven on. I saw the first sign in yellow written on it “27”, my favorite number, I was listening to track 27, I love this when it happens, I looked at the time it was 27:27.

I passed by that crazy sign as I forgot my name, the next sign said, “Time Stops”. I parked my car opened the sealing and left for walk. I was still whistling Track 27, which by the way was “the Long and Winding Road”, it was winding indeed. I could see a sand bar not far away, I went closer as it came closer. The sand bar was called “Salute” and it’s slogan said “Who doesn’t want a drink?”, I really wanted a drink, at last, I think I am in the land where slogans are true.

The short inhomogeneous walls of the bar were made of sand, with empty spaces between them. The sand bar had no door, I went in through an empty space in the wall. There were just the perfect amount of people, a lot of nude women and nearly nude women dancing on the right side and on the left were people playing music, writing and drinking under the grace of the sun. The colors of the bar were so fresh and white. I headed straight to the circular wooden bar overlooking the blue sea to order a margarita. There was no one in the circle to serve me, but a toy train. The toy train passed by me and said, “Welcome to the sand bar, this bar is in another tense in time, the futured past, your margarita will be on my next stop”. It gave me the menu in the form of a train schedule and left blowing the same colored smoke that I puffed before. When I inhaled the smoke, I couldn’t exhale it, it came out in the form of a cloud from my hair. As I waited for train to come, I took a look around me and recognized every one in the bar had a cloud over his head.

Behind the bar, I could see a fisherman sitting on the edge of the bridge fishing. He looked back at me and asked “are you hungry?”

I answered “starting to”
He nodded his head and began fishing again. In the cloud above his head I saw, the fish he was trying to fish. I returned to the bar, and took a peek at the nude women. All the rules in my head were broken when I saw a veiled woman among the nude and semi-nude ones. I kept starring at her; I admit I wanted to sleep with her more than the other naked women. An old man approached me and said, “You desire the unknown for you imagine perfection, beneath the veil”

He added, “Desire begins in the head my friend, we always seek what we can’t have”
I was stunned by the insane opening of the conversation and said, “It’s true, she is a clever women, is she a prostitute?”
He said, “They say she sleeps with a man only once, just before his death, others call her the virgin prostitute”
He added, “Rumors are the spices”
I sarcastically said, “Great, then I have to die for the woman I desire, hahaaa”
I asked the old man, “I never got to know your name?”
He said, “I am Wisdom”
I hesitated then answered, “I really wanted to tell you my name, but I forgot it”
He answered, “I know your name, your name is Dreamer”
Wisdom said, “I am not the wisest man alive, that’s why I am the wisest. The wisdom of life is in living”
The old man took his breath as the cloud above his head showed a toilet, he said, “I am going for a shit, I will be back latter”
I answered, “Have a great shit”
I saw the cloud above his head empty and another cloud was formed inside it.

My margarita arrived as scheduled, I sat down on the wooden stool and began wondering as someone hit me; it was a couple. They stopped dancing and ordered seven shots of tequila and said, “Welcome, welcome, welcome”
I replied, “Thank you”
They said, “Your welcome, welcome, welcome” and the band played the welcome song. The bass of the song was so trippy, after the song finished; the couple came and sat beside me. The man said, “I am Happiness and she is Life”
I tentatively replied, “I think I am Dreamer”
I looked at them and said, “Life & Happiness, what a great couple”
Happiness’ smile faded out and replied in sorrow, “We are not a couple, all men in this bar are in love with Life, but she loves someone else”

The toy train passed by and gave us the seven shots. We poured the seventh shot equally to fill the other six shots and we drank a double shot. I felt like dancing, Life asked me, “Would you like to dance with me?”
I replied, “Who can refuse a dance with Life!”

Life was the purest thing I ever saw, something untouchable like the sun. Her liveliness and her smile were just like dreams. Her simplicity was complication; in other words I fell in love with Life. We danced as if the song never ends, the sunrays moved around us as we moved. I felt that she liked me but I think that was just my limitless imagination. Happiness took over the band and began singing a happy rhythm song. We began dancing illogically, I was wearing a log scarf she took it off me and held one end as I held the other and began dancing and playing with other people with the scarf. It was the greatest dance ever. The music stopped as a tall man wearing a big watch entered, followed by two men. He moved towards us and took Life away from me.

I went back to the bar and asked Happiness, “Who is he?”
He said, “Death, Life is in love with Death!”
Happiness was sad again, he looked like a clown, he smiled as he said, “That’s life, everything that lives is going to die, but my smile smiles forever”
He ordered another seven tequila shots, as I asked “Who are the two men following Death”
He answered, “His friends Paranoia and Fear”
Death and Life were playing chess as we were talking, the virgin prostitute went and whispered in Death’s ears. Then they both left from the bar as Life started crying.
Happiness said, “Death knows something no one knows, Death has the confidence of the dead, all women fall for it”

I realized all women were staring at him, as he never hesitates. His confident voice tamed wildness; he was so sure of his actions as a child shitting on himself and seeing nothing wrong in that, just so natural. That perception was common between us both, yet he could do it, but I couldn’t. Meanwhile, Happiness took three nude girls and went for a fuck, while Life was sitting miserable in the corner.

I went and sat beside the fisherman that never mingled with the crowd, and said “Hello fisherman, why are you sitting alone?”
He said, “People are starving and don’t want to eat”
I said, “What’s your real name fisherman?”
He said, “I am Hope, I feed the people”
I replied, “I never met you before, but I feel that I know you”
Hope said, “You are a man that feels high when he eats a good meal, you are not one of the crowd that live to eat and eat to live, but you need a delicious meal to make life delicious, I know you too, Dreamer”
Hope added, “You have style, I see your intentions and dreams, there is none superior, and you can do them, there is nothing that can’t be done, believe me”
The fisherman suddenly turned to a colorful fish and jumped in the sea, as all the fish began dancing and jumping in the sea.

The greatest thing about the sand bar was that everybody talked with everybody; there were no social barriers. I was hungry but now I felt full, so I ordered another seven shots. The band began playing EL Andes tunes with their flute. A few moments later, after I drank three shots, I went to the band playing the music, between the two songs and told them, “Your music is timeless”.
The percussion woman answered, “Yes, that’s because we are Time”
The bass player added, “Sound is time”
The keyboardist took me on the edge near the fisherman’s spot, as everything went silent. The mad keyboardist said, “Silence is the ecstasy of time, we try to play silent melodies to who still have ears and can hear. We sing to silence, a word death and life unites in…silence is timeless”
He left to play another song, but I stayed in that spot in a bliss. Life came and sat beside me, I kept talking my dreams to her and she to me. She said, “I love your dreams, but they remain dreams my Dreamer”
I said to Life, “The dream is real my Life”
She said “That is just another dream my Dreamer”
I replied, “There is nothing that can’t be done, it’s the strength of your heart, how madly you fall in love with a dream and live your life in hope to make it real”
She said, “I can’t dream my Dreamer, I am Life, and you know how much I suck”
I said, “Dreaming is madness and life is madness, living without a dream is dying with out living”
I could hear the silent melody as I kissed Life.
Death interrupted, “Well, well, well, my immortal bride kissing a dead man, in my musical spot”
I said, “I am not a dead man”
He said, “We will see about that”
Life begged Death and said “It’s my fault, I began to dream, don’t kill him, I beg you”
Two sharp swords came in our hands, and the duel began between me and Death. Memories began flashing as our swords hit each other; I began feeling the weakness of death. Life was crying as if she was giving up, she said, “Now I can’t dream you will win”
He stood on a chair and jumped on the bar as I jumped directly on the bar and the duel went longer than anybody expected. I stepped on an ashtray and slipped, death called the virgin prostitute as my sword fell from my hand. Life’s tears fell on the bar and poured in the sea as the colorful fish jumped and turned in the air. Death put his sword to my neck and said, “Do you fear death?”
I admit I was afraid, and I knew I would miss all my family, friends and my life, but I was to lazy to fear death, I will face it one day anyways, so I told Death, “I am too lazy to die a coward” and closed my eyes.
A big wave came from the sea and pushed Death away from me. I stood up as Life ran and jumped on me. She said, “The wave of love pushed Death away, our love is stronger that death”

Life loved me so much to give me away. I began wondering what was on the other side of the bridge? Time began playing a song called “It’s not my time yet”, as Wisdom came back and said, “That was a great shit”

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