All Messed Up

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Insecurity, lack of confidence, second guessing; why... I don't know... All for a female.

Submitted: December 16, 2006

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Submitted: December 16, 2006



Have you any clue how messed up I’ve become

My constant thoughts of you and I

Drifting in and out of consciousness

Peaks and downfalls of happiness

In and out of depressive states


Living to read the text you type me

To hear the subtleness of your voice

To see your piercing beautiful blue eyes


Wanting to spend more time with you

Wanting to learn more about you

All I know thus far, I’ve come to love

Continually strengthening my fondness for you


Doubting my approach to you

As too strong or not strong enough

Constantly searching for a happy medium

Trying not to hurt you


Always second guessing myself

Afraid to tell you what’s on mind

How you make me feel

Afraid of reactions and facial expressions

Afraid of a negative outcome


Contemplating outcomes to myself

Taking jabs at my every weak point

Replaying everything you’ve told me and all I’ve told you

Speaking to no one else’s ears but my own

Pretending yours are there to hear me

Thinking they never will be

Repeating, leave him, be with me

Your past, is just that

I fell for you in the present, with no knowledge of the past

I’m going to stay down for you, for who you are now, and hold you to nothing

You mean that much to me


The one thing I want more than for you to be happy

Is for us to be happy together

Something needs to be said

Something needs to be done

Before feelings start to fade away

I’d like to make it better than just ok


Who am I kidding

I fell for you this fast

And could never lose what I have for you


If my words for you, you fear

If all you’ll take is my expression through a stranger’s voice

Or subtle hints passed through an unknown medium

Expect to see it more often

Even though I want you to hear it all from me

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