Does it make you feel big

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Constant un-needed reminders of what I'm not missing...

Submitted: February 28, 2007

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Submitted: February 28, 2007



Yes, you broke my heart

Does it make you feel big?

To constantly remind me of this?

Yes at one point

I would do anything

To spend time with you

Yes at this point

I would do anything

To avoid spending time with you

Why is it every time I manage

To forget about you

You come back?

Was I right?

Did he not fulfill your every expectation, again?

Or are you feeling down,

And need a crush around to boost your confidence

Or make him jealous, to step up his game

We've played that already, haven't we?

I told myself,

The first time I pulled away

There would not be a second

Your indecisiveness will not change

You will never know what you want

Or what's good for you

Never again will I

Wait in line

For a roller coaster

That appeals only to me

Where your feet dangle

The seatbelts give a false sense of security

And the tracks only go UP and DOWN.

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