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Dreams of hate, letting go, asking for my heart back.

Submitted: December 14, 2006

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Submitted: December 14, 2006



You had a dream

That I hate you

You woke up

I had a dream

That I hate you

I fell asleep

I used to think

Before I spoke

Now I thought

Before I wrote

Your sailing there

Without a boat

I'm hanging up

This saving rope

As I watch

You're sinking fast

Never thinking

About the past

This script I wrote

Without a cast

I never figured

You would last

My soul is gone

I'm thinking sorta

My hearts been ripped

From my aorta

It's sitting there

Upon your shelf

Sitting next to

Someone else

Its on display

For you to use

To take the brunt

Of your abuse

No longer beats

Towards being fused

Because I am over you

I am asking you

To return my heart

I'll sew it in

A brand new start

I envision to one day view

A dream I had

That excludes you

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