Harder to Write

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It does get hard to keep writing on the same topic and remain original with your work.... I repeat myself alot. I do my best. HERES TO A NEW TOPIC!!! SOMETHING NEW TO WRITE ABOUT!!!!

Submitted: December 16, 2006

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Submitted: December 16, 2006



It’s getting harder and harder to keep writing

Without repeating what I’ve already written

Something needs to happen

To light my creative spark

I’m tired of being influenced into feelings

I’m fucked up enough without the help form others

You can remove yourself from the pictures

But you can’t be removed from my heart

I’m glad you know you can use me

When you are depressed

When times not devoted to you

To bring you closer to the one you love

Nice to be of service

Terrible that it just fucks me up even more

Being in love was more fun than I thought

Being crazy in love with no return

Halts all I’ve had

I’m not okay

I’m mentally and physically drained

Emotionally fucked

Wanted to say be with me

Instead I say one day of fun with you

Isn’t worth the three day depression spree to follow

Hurts to wake up realizing

The on you areabsolutely in love with

Is absolutely not in love with you

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