I Will Die With a Pen in my Hand

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Love of writing, I guess... Not sure really. Not serious about dying... But I do alot of writing as I am driving to and from places... I have a feeling I will eventually get into an accident because of it...

Submitted: December 20, 2006

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Submitted: December 20, 2006



I will die with a pen in my hand

Pressed on to paper


I will be driving

The time I have

To think the most


My death will be

The traumatic result of inattentiveness

I will be thinking of you

As I so often do


I will be deep in thought

In mid-sentence

When I collide

With an unexpecting passerby

Too worried to lose a line

Not worried enough to lose my life


I will be mangled

My blood will shed

Blood that will cover my poem

I wrote for you

That you'll never see

Just like the others


My skull will be cracked

My thoughts free to escape

My second biggest fear


My throat will be lacerated

As I will never be able to speak

The words I long to tell you


My chest will be open

My heart missing

It is still sitting on your shelf

With the others


My abdomen eviscerated

The queasy feeling I have

When I am with you

Will seep out


My legs broken

They'll never tremble again

As I will never be with you again

I'll be dead

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