Naked Underneath the Sheet

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I work on an ambulance. There I see the good and the bad in people. People who are really sick, and people who are really, well f-ed up... This is about the f-ed up people... My favorites, the psych patients... I gave it an 'R' Rating but I'm not sure if it deserves it or not... I'll wont get to foul with it... Or maybe I will... You never know what your going to get with a psych patient.

Submitted: February 10, 2007

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Submitted: February 10, 2007



Underneath this white sheet lain

Naked with anticipation

Invisible lovers will please

Feeling the gentle caress

From a hand that no one views

Dreamt in the little world

Only known to few

Shooting at a hollow wall

At trespassing green men

Plotting against chickens

Defeating neighborhood children

With one hundred watt flood lights

Refuse to tell of

Covert ops

Working closely with the FBI

Dealing with extraterrestrials

Or of hours spent

Talking to a light switch

Back and forth pacing

Peaking out the blinds

Seeking out the source

Of constant ticking's

Never missing a beat

Tick. Tick.. Tick...

Tick. Tick.. Tick...

Tick. Tick.. Tick...

Slammed head against

A window pane

Cut forehead on the glass

Blood dripping down

A now pale face

Clenched fist and bitten finger

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