Outside a Gumball Machine

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I had this idea oddly, in a dream (not sure why) but I liked it.

My intent is: It is the simple things (gumballs) in life that makes a person who and how they are. The slightest alteration cause changes.
People always treat pregnancy as good (rightfully so), but once the child is born, ages, and matures to show his/her true self, behavior, and mannerisms (good or bad), it is forgotten that everyones here by the same means.
In my dream I pictured everyone (random people I suppose) at birth being given gumballs representing individuality, who they are, how they act, etc.

Let me know what you think and if it does/does not make sense.

Submitted: August 27, 2007

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Submitted: August 27, 2007



Within a plastic globe

Diversity exists

Colors and colors

Perfection plus some misshapen

Every piece unique

Different from another

Still all remains the same

Before one can live

They must posses personality

Acquired from a gumball machine

Quarter's inserted

Ball fumbles down

Tubes and twists

To the chute

Held in the hand

By a mindless shell

Empty as their insides

With no grasp of reality

Or the purpose of the ball

Outside of the gumball machine

In the globe to on the globe

Difference remains

Acceptance is lacking

Next to location

Nothing has changed

Colors versus colors

Perfect versus misshapen

Everyone versus everyone

Themselves for their own


Now posses personality

Qualities and traits

Solidify internally

Able to think

Purposefully acting

Judgments now pass

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