Someday Player Two Will Lose the Game

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Certain things make me wonder. An incident occured that I was unable to take part in, but the story has made my mind just think and ask questions. I rarely write about work, outside of a comedic stand point, and I have seen this situation before, but this time served as the eye opener.

Submitted: December 10, 2006

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Submitted: December 10, 2006



Not speaking from experience

I haven't lived long enough

Nor felt a lot


But I have learned

Life is a two player game

That no one ever wins

Some may think they've come close

But that’s the calm before the storm

No one wins


Dedicate yourself to another

Spending every waking minute together

For years


Working on each others quirks

Accepting their flaws

Memories made, good and bad

Have children, who have children



Many nights in bed together

Discussions over breakfast

Work apart to provide

Reconvene at dinner


Years of this

After all, isn't that the American Dream?


Scrimping and saving to have it all

To grow old and retire to each other


Always thinking, and never acting

Like today will be the last

Waking up the day, the same way

As so many times before

Not expecting it to be any different


No warning sent to prepare you

For what’s about to come


Did they take advantage of

The time before the end

Did they kiss, or hold hands

Did they say they loved the other

And accomplished life long plans


Did they both feel like

They did when they first met

And take the opportunity

For what tomorrow they won’t get


You may wonder if it would

Have been easier alone

Here I can speak from what I know

I am what I wake up to daily

I am at it all alone


Don’t let the thought consume you

Lives are meant to be shared

With someone other than yourself


I’m sure its hard now

Nights in bed with out
Waking up alone

Quiet breakfasts

Filled with emptiness

Frequent thoughts

And sightings of what you have lost


Someday player two will lose the game

Then all will be the same

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