Thought Within Feeling, A Poem Within A Poem

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When I wrote this, the title made sense to me... I'm not so sure it does now. Tell me what you think. I know the poem with in the poem I used because it starts and ends with just spoken word, the middle rhymes or is supposed to at least.

Submitted: December 17, 2006

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Submitted: December 17, 2006



So I dread being alone

A sensation I grow closer to each day

Accepting it as my sole companion

Finding the one

Holding the remedy to my problem

In her hands, it was juggled

Closer to being dropped each time it’s tossed up


Knowing I’m trapped between you and another hurts

Knowing your happy and knowing we can’t be happy together, hurts more

It is the type of pain that I seek no relief for

To make it constant, to know it’s real


I’d open up much more to you

If you’d open up to me

I’d tell you how much you mean, and how much I care

If you’d make so I’m the only one telling you

I’d like to know where I’m at

And how I make you feel

I’d like to say “I love you”

To let you know I’m for real

I’m cautious with those words to you

It’s on your list of hates

But should I get the go ahead, the moment wont be late


This feeling I have when I look at you

I never can describe

But when you really want to know, I’ll give it my best try


Your smile is magnificent, it lights up the darkest gloom

Your laughter holds more power, than thunders loudest boom


Nothing pleases me more than to see your smile and to hear your laugh

Both let me know your okay with my actions towards you

Both bring me up from my lowest points

Both inspire me to smile, push on, live life, set goals and be happy


Nothing has ever come easy to me

Why should this be any different

Struggling to accomplish

Failing to accomplish, what I aspire to

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