Careful what you say

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Jimmie loves to tease others however he learns that what he says really does effect people a little to much.

Submitted: October 10, 2009

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Submitted: October 10, 2009



It all started with the letter i got in the mail i should never had opened it.

\"I hate my dad\" I stated with anger gritting my teeth.It had been three days since the last time we had spoken. He was dating someane who I also hated yeah she was nice but she would never replace my mom.  Stephen my friend just nodded politely as i poured out my anger towards people. He had been my one and only friend through grade school and now that I was in High school he'd probably be my only friends for the rest of my life. As you reach highschool you realize being tough isn't good enough or even being funny at that matter. Only good looking jocks were considered cool and respected by girls. Since I was neither of the two I was left to wish their own fates. Sometimes i would dream of different ways in which problems which are people could die. After I was done talking stephens ear off we arrived at school. I felt a little bad about how I wanted my father dead. But oh well feeling can't control you. Anyways the first person I had to see more like abruptly run into was Harvey Wainright he had been my bully since we were just in 4th grade everybody calls him Hairy because he grew hair in every part of his body except for his head I mean he head a blanket of hair under his arms by 5th grade. He used to throw me in trash cans but I guess that got boring for him because he seems to take fancy to punching my face in now. Watch where your walking Jimmietard ya loser I'm goin to break your nose so heard you'll look like rocky. The problem with me is that I can't take I insult without giving one back. Hairy you so ugly a mirror slaps you in the face everythme you look at it. Let's just say his first was as loud as his words he popped me hard in the nose. As blood was dripping down my Chin I loudly screamed I hope you get hit by a car tommorrow and suffer a painful death. By the end of the day I had 2 detention slips. One for beating up the teachers little brat Harvey I thought about Harvey get hit by a car up at the crossroad bridge golden splume was a mile away from my house and was about a mile high from the water. My dad was out with his girlfriend again. SO I had to make my own supper that night. At 9:00 o'clock they came home all happy and dandy it made me sick to see dad kiss her goodbye the way he did for mom before she went out to work as an accountant. Before I went to bed we would always have a nightime prayer. Lord my dad began please keep my son out of harms way help him realize that I love him more than anyone else. Lord I pray that any angers that we have carried today we will let go and that tommorrow will be a better day. He knew I had a tough day I guess it's just a father thing to realize when there kids upset. Dad I quitly whispered after he was done praying do love mom more than laura I mean the way you kiss her. Shy he silenced me out the love I have for your mom will never be replaced however I need to find somean else your mom would want it this way. I asked laura to marry me and she said yes. My heart sank my emotions were flairing high tears were starting to build up but like always I covered them up with anger. Leave dad I can't believe you asked her you don't love mom and I don't love you why don't you just die with laura and leave me alone. My dad became very upset and left the room solemnly. The next day I got a strange letter in the mail it was written my mr anonymous what a joke I thought probably another sales person. The letter was addressed directly to me strange. It read. Jimmie hunter, to whom this may concern be careful for the words you said yesterday for they will come true today so be happy for your own good. I ran inside on the table was a letter it read laura in the emergency room she had a heart attack I have left To see she's okay love you son spread the love don't hate it. Those were the words mom would say to me to keep me from getting a angry. Suddenly it hit me the letter everything added up I had to get to the bridge fast I grabbed my ATv and in no time flat was at the bridge sweat falling down my cheeks I jumped of my vehicle I could see Harvey riding his bike it swerved to the left right in front of my fathers car oh no my heart racing all I could do was watch as my father plumminged into Harvey instantly killing him. It didn't end there I could see dad frantically grabbed the steering wheel as his car plummigged directly of the bridge as I heard the splash representing the land all I could think about was to spread the love not hate it I could almost see my father writing those words down his face full of concern for me as the tears reached my irisis and swam down my cheek I let them flow I finnally stopped hating and now as a 45 father of three I think back and remember the decisions you make truly do affect others. From the time of the accident to now I have always reached for love.

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