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This wild ride known as time and life

Submitted: March 21, 2010

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Submitted: March 21, 2010



So many feelings so many failures. I'm up im down I'm here I'm now. When I'm there im gone. Inside, outside, upside down. Here I come again.  Always leaning on my own understanding. That I'll be always with me. In my captivity. Feeling so human. I wonder how my senses. Can decieve my honesty. I have walked down a dusty road been goin through things I don't like talking about just to find my start out there. Thank god for freedom. If there wasn't an option I'd probably hate him. Right now I need more than before. So many tours I have taken. Ohh now my mind is thinkin bout where to go from here. Can you make the road seem clear.This rollercoaster I've Been holstered needs a new engineer. I hope you hear that I'm not the best person to feel, for the pieces I left to fix. Myself in this mess. Dont close My grasp to tight. Cause it will cut me like glass. Somewhere in the clouds. I can the trumpet sound. Calling ne out my shell. Father to seek faith to believe that something could save me from hell. And in the cold I know your hands are my deliverence. To get away from my skin. The only thing that beings me falsified try. I've need to denied my own life. I'm up I'm down I'm here for now. There but gone. Seen but not heard. Was my direction. Inside outside, upside down. Lays me turning my head around. To catch a glimpse of the crowd. Who have battled through thus walk that I'm on. At the end of it I'll reach them where er they are. I thought I was Fallin apart. Submitting to my flesh  But now I've know I was really crumbling in your arms. Choosings to take a chance. In know youve Always wanted what's my best  Letting you mold my heart. You moved away the rocks. That gave me reason to believe in your voice. And choosing to follow your love.

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