Climb Down

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Realistic song of circumstances

Submitted: March 25, 2010

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Submitted: March 25, 2010



Theres a boy with legs that wont let him make it down the steps. Theres a man that wants to dare. But he cant risk falling off the edge. If he did he experience greatness. But we know this is just not how it goes. 

Climb down
Climb down from the bridge that was built for you.
Right now
We know your trembling.
you cant cross it.

Chorus continue
Crying out.
Cause we have seen you scared of fate.
So young i hope they dont follow you to the grave.
Hopefully before this happens you won't ignore the warnings. Pepared to fly with your broken wings, As you crumble.

Theres a lady waiting at the airport for the one she loves the most. Praying he'd make it back home from the war.Shes loses trust in her shadows when hes missing. She dresses herself in depression. Black lips to show you how she feels.

Climb down
Climb down from the bridge that you built for yourself.
Right now
We see you fallout
you cant cross it.

So sudden.
Just Climb down. Your head in the clouds. All the world threw back at you are curses.
Cause your hurting
So come out.
Just be seen
Live in peace. I Don't doubt, youll sprout from the ground.
If your mind is sound.
In a boat you float.
but you cant fly in the sky.
Like a bird youve tried.
Climb down.
All these falling stones. And how the hail.

 Only twelve years old was lucy. When she was on her lonesome self. At home playng with her toys. Made of foil. All she wants was a dog. No fortune came her poor parents, they could never afford. Just saved their luck to have clean water. Thankful for the  father up above.

Climb down
Climb down from the bridge that is beyond yourself.
Right now
We hear you grunting in pain from
 the things you try to reech

Heed direction from the heavens, little child
Telling you you can do all things 
Never will second be accepted in you heart.
Your family was made for some much more.
Love them and know their special. 

So climb down. If this was just a second chance. Don't take the time to look back. That all you have to do is let happen then you can find the strength to climb down.

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