Cold hearted man

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Submitted: March 11, 2010

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Submitted: March 11, 2010



He was a cold minded man. He'd rather lie than to help a life. He would deny anything that could get in his way. His life was like a crime. Killing the children. By taking away jobs. Kicking the support from beneath there parents. While others stayed cold. His home was always warm. No room for love in his heart. All his will was made of stone.From the walls that he built. Know one could get in unless they broke them down. The Once succesful man,he  had been torn apart. When he realized his crimes . It shook his soul and made him cried. It had been such a long time. Now alone in a dark hall. He collects the memories of what went wrong. How far had he gone. Why did he hold onto self arrogance. Thinking he was the best  thing coming. But he should have started running from the choices. All the wrong turns he made. All the lives that he claimed. Just so that he would be known. Just to steal all that he never owned. Even if no one liked him. He was still human. Now  he leans back and decides to say sorry to lives that he took. For the greed of money. He hopes it makes a difference when he gives back five times what he took. Only keeping the things that he honestly earned. Now not feeling so bad. Forgetting what he had. Giving what is good. And taking back nothing in return. Now he knows what it means to be heard. His slate clean and his heart changed no more sending pain. In the form of a  dollar bill and some change. Cold hearted is hardened no longer.

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