Deep in the night (1)

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Submitted: March 08, 2010

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Submitted: March 08, 2010



Deep in the night there is a child holding his teddybear. As the blue sky fades to gray it brings him fear. Completely unaware of untold danger. We are the influence he was the sponge. Thinking up memories of his lost mom. taking it in. We don't need to rely on understanding. Because they see what we do today. He so innocent. He's laying there in distress Look at him so depressed. But he hangs on tight telling himself every nigh t to face the day he'll make it out okay. No need to be angry. Just learn to believe. In things only little eyes can see. Deep in the night theres a boy sleeping silently. Smiling to his own sweet dreams. Let him stay that way. Listen to the innocent hear what is right. Let go of all the struggles your holding inside. Release again deep in the night. There is a child laying near a streetlight. Dreaming of a home he can 't find.
He tries to fly but it seems he never took flight. So he begins to cry. He's only 9 years old without a home. Barely alive on the freezing sidewalk. Then there was a stranger passing by. He wearing heavy coat warmed up like an iron. Though he never noticed. The boy began whisper can you help me find my place tonight. 7 Years later. In the middle of the summer. He found his mom in huttled up by the bay. She step out of dark place wrapped her arms
around him smile as she saw he's okay. He asked her what happened no more excuses. She cried had to leave you november day your father was abusive. Thinking of the choices I've made. But every night I prayed that i would see you someday. Well they grew up again his mother and him. 15 years later at the end of April. The 27 boy grew up fine. He bought a home he had a wife. But she never could give him a child. So He went for a walk deep in the dark. Walking passed the bay passing the barber shop. Saw a 9 year old boy. Holding tightly his favorite blanket. The now grown man walk to the boy and holds his hand. Bringing him home. Now he has a son the was never shown love. Now his love shows them that he has a family again. Bringing him back to the night they began. Deep in the night.

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