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This is a great fantasy poem. Hope you enjoy pretty creative.

Submitted: March 29, 2010

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Submitted: March 29, 2010



Thinkin more than just skin deep.  Thinkin more about stuff I have to keep. Remniscing about how we gonna be moving. Where the memories I had before I fell asleep.  No matter what I thought ut had never prepared at I would experience in the fantasy that was about to unfold before me.

I've cringed my way forward.  As the pouring rain crawls from the clouds. Watching me walk down a wooden board. The sky laughs as I stumble upon a splintered plank. The  waves twisting and beckons me to jump in.  I can't feel the pain because I was to deranged.  My mind racing about the things i had seen before choosing the ship i took to make it to the sea. I didnt know the meaning when  feeling my heartbeat faster than the speed of light. This is the worst of my dreans. All the seagulls galloping from the blue skies limits.  Dropping there white beads all over the pirates. Ahoy captain I heard one of them. To me it sounded like he said a boy captain. But I should know differently. \"What a beautiful day.\"replied the other ship mate.  \"Nice moment for a swim\" uttered the one with the gin. \"Why yes\" spoke another that was much taller.  \"Lets see who we have for a guest.\" \"Hes kinda round a boy of 12\" they agreed examining me in the fumes. Rising from the cargo on the frigate, like a ciggarrete it filled my lungs and made me cough. From now their voices trailed off from the state of my dilemna. My face is numb by the stinging of summers heat.  Lost the nerve to control my world, from spinning round. Going in like I'm on planet vertigo. You could never know. I have never told. It hadnt occured that id ever feel such a wind blow. Whistling my name as if this was fate.  This happened 2 nights ago. But it seems it has been rolling for so long. I hope that it would stop. Is all I thought as a spear pierced into my back. From here everythings black. All I could feel was sweat streaming down from  my brows. As the fear took over and threw me in the water. The last thing I heard before I drowned was the sound of the chuckling clouds. And the a faint glimps shaking my shoulders wake up your gonna be late, exclaimed my mother.  It's five past 8 your gonna be late. Your sister has made breakfest, and it's captain crunch today.

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