Father or the Water

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A true story poem. Stay brave from the waves

Submitted: March 23, 2010

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Submitted: March 23, 2010



And I know im walking on top of the water. I hope ill be supported As i step down from wooden rims. Out of the sails i loose control. Me in middle of a storm. I faintly describe the mumering, surrounding my shadows . From the men I've left before. Fear strangles as i keep tredging on to my makers form. All the feelings start to show. When i observe behind me 11 others lying in the boat. And if theres any reason for this destination. Could you let it be known. And i think that im sinking. Holding onto your arms is the only things that keep me afloat. And Lord I don't know how much longer before i become one with the thunder. Its a wonder how im not slipping into the cyclone just barely touching my robe. Faith is only thing keeping me breathing. My time is fleeting not much farther till i let go. Assured with hope cause ive been touched with heavens love, my help comes from the Lord. But honestly i cant stay strong. So i reach towards the water. As i feel the rain. Falling on this old beat up man. Storm is calling my name. I look away as i start to fail. Lost my attention to the winds wails. Crashing faster into the liquid. Laying under my feet. And inside i hear the cry. The heat coming from my fathers eyes. Fear shaking in my hands. As i reach and touch the sky. Tears fill the sea. As i find me falling in its oceans depths. All hope seems lost as i loose my balance. Catch me now i scream. With my last heartbeate. Is when his grasp held me. From the drowning and my fate. "Just look into my face". Make your decision father or the water. With a nodd of my head and with content my eyes gaze to his face. "That's the right way" He says reasurringly. Don't speak just believe. And i will lead you back to the safety. Of your fellow fishermen. Peter you have been chosen.

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