Government Pop

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anotha rap song

Submitted: April 06, 2010

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Submitted: April 06, 2010



Intro, Intrude, trackers on our homephones. Smack dat back
We got the shacks we gotta cadilacs. We have the beat boys. Just to show off to our audience. Life so great we got to slow it down by running the white house like where tearing up an igloo. Hang out in the cribs we 100 percent juice. Only talent better get it. Like Shaq oneil as V.I.P. We got a thing and we can't stop M.I.B with a top collar buttoned. Skin so thick you think we're eskimos. Just couple American, Tryin to make a livin. With old time guitar strolls with a beat that can rip ya socks off. Were rappers and were rockin it. Bring it to the times when lifes all good nobody hurt us yeah everyone will honor we in the hood

Government rock, Government, jump up to the clouds. Spread the waves with your arms. Spread your love wit ya hearts
Beatbox with politics. Were pumping out america with this Punk block. Echoing of the top of the oval office. Let see it Hillary dance till the votes come tumbling in. Bling bling rap so hard where dancing on pots of gold get tangled in the silly putty. You know whatta I mean ice so keen while the girls stay thin. Spreading there white glow from their mouths and I love when they show it to everyone around them. Someday wheaties box gotta sell our records with the cereal the kids love to eat for breakfast. They'll Call us the 3 with the platinum series. But between you and me we all the same. Just different trades Our grillz shining to the stars on stage.
This is the sound, this is the show. Gotta turn it up like the volume on our sterio. Cheerion Cheerion, Bring it on.
With our political right. We vibe white house all night.
Mouth so dry slurring with the sting of our words.
Around we come again. There we roll again. Bringing the band in the

Government rock, jump up to the clouds. Spread the waves with your arms. Spreed the love with ya hearts. Wax on wax off. With karate man.
We gotta a brand named band, don't know about us.
We no loser. Just a little closer. Making a way to train this place to fame. Want my card yo. Got to drive to elderado. In a mustang, baby. Thats right you heard me.

Can i hear an amen Yo its like nobody knows. What indwells in the sounds we place on our miches. And the times we get the power. To scramble the crowd singing louder. Everyone floating on there toes. Like tap dancers. Don't make type error whe nyou report to the news. Theres the president now break prancing switch om a pirate ship. Aint no soul left out alone

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