Never young again

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This was a song for the memeroies of a best friend ill never see again

Submitted: March 08, 2010

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Submitted: March 08, 2010



Do you remember when we were younger. And things were going fine. Goodbye. Do you remember when we went for those long walks. And we would talk about the weather. Or whether or not we would go for a stop at stuarts. Sometimes i miss what we had. How did we change what happened so bad. Separted we've gone our own ways. My friend wish we were younger again. All of december opening we were christmas kids. Now I Miss all the times we had. When we were young we danced in the sun. Swayed in the sea. Climbed  up tall trees. You were with me. I guess friends were never meant to be forever. But never will i see you again. I have said Please deliver me from my sorrow missing yesterday probably tommorrow. When we were young. Oh how we had fun. Pretending war with fake guns, i swear it was probly real. But i guess ill never be young again, you and me. You and me when we were the best of friends. So long moving away from my home. Leaving you i lost my route. But ill know ill never forget my home. The place i come from. listed these times with a pen. But i guess ill never be young again. Move along leaving home. Leaving myself in memories. When i was young i danced in the sun. The coming of dawn would tell of my long days of being happy. Cooking marshmellows was one of our specialties. All long being found. Finding out where you are but now were gone. Never gonna be the way it was. Cause i will never gonna know how to be young. So long my friend. Even in the winter we would make igloos. Have snowballs wars. But so far i never gonna be there no in this skin. But maybe someday we it wont be to late to make decisions living over again. Over and over again. Now could never get older.

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