Red Green Ketchup

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this has to do with a funny incident of a accident

Submitted: March 24, 2010

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Submitted: March 24, 2010



Waiting in line. For my order isn't coming any time closer than the moon is to the sun. I think im just gonna stand here and starve. They call this fast food.I know its not true. I swear i have a sign that says cut me intrude. I see five people pass they are paying attention. I only notice distractions. As the line got quiter. My mind just got heavier. My throat was so thirsty. My stomach grumbles. The spund of hunger. As the crowd of consumers got smaller. I had to hold my breath just a little longer. Like a computer with the loading sign. I thought i was going to blow in hives when i saw the guy at the counter. He said, "may I take your order." I loocked as his strange face in horror. I whispered to myself man this guys got odor. Excuse me sir was the reply i heard. Sayed the man with the greasy here. 2 large hamburgers. Wait no i said in panic. I havent told my pick. Make it quick said the guy noticing his crosseyes. I said I'd like 2 french fries. Red or green ketchup. Whatever i said ignoring his strange question. After a few more drill of naming my foods to please my grills. I turned around listening in on someanes phone call. Retrieving the words i heard and 40 old say by baby this fools listening our conversation. Talking about privacy. Outy of embarresment i turn back. Looking at the table and what it didn't have. Where my food. I cried in shock. Quite son lets not have an arguement. If you want to i can get the manager. No its okay. I didn't want to meet him anyway. Then the anger caught me in the eye. Right behind was a fellow sitting at a table . Dipping his french fries in green and red ketchup.

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