Seeing from Satelites

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Just a fantasy of 3 groups of people and then me. One the famous idols(stars). The other people who give freely. Next is just the average person with a dream. And last is me.

Submitted: March 27, 2010

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Submitted: March 27, 2010



And if the earth stops turning. And what we've heard has been forgetten. Alll the wandering birds. Catch us by surprise. All the lost souls taken away. To a much brighter place. All the crowds of wandering visitor. Here to see the one last perfomance. All that is young becomes older. And all the elders are gone. I'll keep waiting for my chance to shine.

For falling stars will be shimmerring. Glances of Falling stars sweet like sugar. A fine spice of cinnamon. Merrement in the offering. To ones who have given. They write the stories. And reach deeper than glory. In their hearts this is happiness for the journey they've lead. To them life doesn't stop at the grave. Instead they are handed the right to watch Falling stars the all knowing. And fore know above all this chaos. And for years I fought now I'm at ease thinking   That I'll be the fifth tip to the right. Of another Red Satellite. My Satelite  Catching glimpses of falling stars in time for the next show.

Next show dressin the idols of known. Let them fall, let em fall,  more than them is the average child. Worth as much as falling stars. See you  Gleeming to the glow of meteor shower. Beautiful hour of falling stars. Falling stars 

Times are changing you Neva get a second chance to make a second choice. So act quick before it's too late. Put my mistakes on a golden plate.   Lay them there cause it's to late to clean them. Through this understanding. I made a decision. On the day I found my place. Was the day I flew off to space. Riding my red satellite.

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