Soldiers memory

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A sad song about a soldier who is playing out memories that keeps him comfort in the last moments of life

Submitted: March 08, 2010

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Submitted: March 08, 2010



There is a soldier thats losing the war He's been shot and bleeding right from the heart. He's looking for a way out from the pain that hes felt . Will you come close and hear his words. In the heat of the day he prays. Were ever you are will you shine from dark. Tell your angels im not very far. Can you hear my words i am very hurt. As memories seep through his  soul. He thinks back of his mom. Wishing he could bring it all back again. Were  it all began. His mind traced back to that time.  In his mind She tells him stories of home. Listining to them even though hes all alone he can hear her say remember the yesterdays.  Your father was a hero becuase of him you are here now. Live a good life. Stand up for your rights. Protect your sister from any harm. She new by 19 he would go to any extenct to make sure she was fed. He had become the house man because his father was dead. By age 23 he was finally free. But he promised his mom he would always be strong, and listen God. Thats when his war begun. So now alone in a ditch in vietnam his mind travels to the present zone. He fades away as he sees heavens coming down to reach and bring him to his father. He waves goodbye for his mother as he fly through the sky.

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