Still I stand (1)

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This song is for the broken relationships and the feeling that a person be going through during the rough times. It's about making things righ

Submitted: March 05, 2010

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Submitted: March 05, 2010



My bodies aching my words strained stained with pain from another day but still I stand and begin to say

Chorus: One breathe One chance One last time to use these hands One last night, one more time to make it right.

If I could see with this sight How long would I have to fight It's to late It's to hard to accept my fate and still i stand and say

Chorus: One breathe Just One chance One last time to see you again One last night One more time to make it right. 

Believe it now  i'll believe it when, we finnally collide. But how could i be so blind.

Chorus: One chance, One breathe, One pen to write my end. But instead ill rewrite were i began.

My time is closing in Let's let go of all our sin So still I stand Standing still

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