Wise wishes

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This is a interesting story about someone who owns a genie. This man is looking for things that would fit him best. He asks many deep questions and realizes the truth.

Spare me some change hear me again. Loosen the grips. Find the suite that looks best. Set my mind at ease.
Or at least give me wits.  Like to hear your wisdom. This world i was given. I know was created. So show me a reason. If only three wishes. I would spread out the dishes. Giving me room to talk to you. In this way i commute with my genie. Blurting out my few requests. I would think over. Which would give the earth rest.  And for the others I would discuss each ones benefits. Till I land upon the one that fits me best. If such a time as this. I would choose to change what i have seen. Rotating around this ongoing cycle. My third statement. Was of great value. I compalined to the genie. Saying why do people die. Why cant we go back in time and relive our life. As he rose higher than my stove. He replied with a sigh. The true question you should be asking, How have you chosen to live it. And with that the genie floated out into the dark streets outside.

Submitted: March 24, 2010

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Practically Enchanted

I liked the imagination. I think complained is spelled wrong. Everything else looks good. I like the feeling you put into this poem.

Thu, March 25th, 2010 1:04am

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