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ended up rather long. But then, it's not a thing that can be explained in a few words.

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Christmas is coming
Slowly but sure
What did you wish for?
What would you like
under your Christmas tree?
My wish is not such a
wrapped gift for me.
My wish is to spend it
Once more by your side

Talk everything through

get to understand
Your point of view
My point of view
Yes, just another chance
To get to understand
To know how you feel.
I still know how I feel.
Though sometimes it confuses me
I know I miss you

that much's for sure
Know I still love you
Still want you to smile
Want you to be happy
Don't want to hurt you
With a love so far away
Don't want to burden your heart
even more then it is
Afraid to hurt you more
Afraid to hurt myself too.

But I want you to make
the first step, so I know
That you want this too
Not lose sight of eachother
Talk once in a while
As friends, not as lovers
Love can wait, for a while
no longer a necessity
More likely, an option
When distances close
Between hearts, between people
I can be happy without you
But if the choice was mine
I'd be happy,; and have you
still have you in my life.
But the choice is yours to make
Move on? I'll accept it.
Come to me? I'll be there
To welcome you back
In my life, in my heart
I'll be there for you

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