Confessions of dreams, and simple desires

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not sure why you keep asking for summaries for poems, or just simple thought put ot paper by pen, or to internet by keyboard. I wish you were an optional box, like "enlighten me", or "Author's notes". Not obligatory. ah well. Since it cannot be changed
*accepts it and keeps filling these boxes with utter nonsense*

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



I often feel alien on this planet called earth
Too different to fit in. Not that I mind
It just tends to get lonely at times
I got a few good friends to support me
But I doubt any of them knows me at all
parts maybe, which is more then most people
How often I'm regarded as weird, as insane.
well maybe I am, but maybe I don't.
I'm just a man with just simple dreams
And the dreams that stay the closest to me
Are not those of wealth, are not those of fortune
not of having lots of money, power or sex
not owning fast cars, or have a huge villa
Not having every girl in this world at my feet
My dreams are more simple, innocent and pure
They contain just me, and someone I care about
Whether it is a friend, or someone I love
Walking or sitting in a peaceful landscape
Just spending time together with them
Sitting under the sun, or sometimes even rain
Talking about regular things, or just sitting in silence
feeling at home, at ease around eachother.
No worries no pain, just a small moment
of inner peace, of calm, of feeling at home.
Of feeling connected with a human being
other then myself; other then my blood family
Yes...those are the dreams I enjoy the most

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