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started as a thing to support people who suffer from depression around these times. ended up being revolving round pain -_-
or in short, what happens if i stop thinking mid-poem, and just let impulses drive my writing

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011



Those horrible whispers won't go away
No, not even on christmas day
As the days growing shorter
the night become long
all of a sudden you're not that strong

So you take a knife and put it to skin
If you cut now, you will never win
Watching the trickle and stream
of sweet crimson red
This loneliness will be your death

But be strong for me, and put it away
Dying can wait till another day
It's not gonna help to take your own life
I know death promises comfort and rest
But you'll end up in hospital at best

And at worst, in death, restlessness
to take your own life is, in short, madness
your energy of body and soul becomes twisted
unable to understand this atrocity
to life, giving in to ferocity

What I really meant to say is
Why let ytour life depend
on what others do or don't?
You don't need them to be happy
You only need yourself
to be your own friend
"you're one to talk"
I can hear you think that
"What did you ever experience
you, who is so calm
Cracking jokes all the time
laughing, smiling, ..."
The truth is, I've been there
Right where you are
putting knife to skin
Trying to flee the pain
But, I whispered "no"
Pain is not something you
have to run away from
Pain is an ally
it makes us strong
It turns us into
Embrace your pain
Accept it.
Give it  a place.
Learn from it
Let it drive you
Let it be your strength
as you make a better world
Yes, make, for yourself
Not depending on others
Don't let them hold you back
Fight for your dreams
Fight for your wishes
you're so much stronger
then those who don't know pain
and if they try to stop you
you easily overpower their will
pain makes our will hard as steel
reminds us we"'re alive.
makes us learn so manythings
in such a short time.


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