Epiphany for a broken beauty

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Submitted: April 22, 2012

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Submitted: April 22, 2012



There she lays
A broken heart
And a broken body
Both filled with scars

A beautiful young girl
Even in death
She took her own life
Exhaled her last breath

Surrounded by people
She thought didn't care
Now when you look around
Sad faces everywhere.

Could it be avoided?
Well, I believe it could have so
If this world knew less assholes
She wouldn't feel the need to go

But a good person died
only assholes remain
Beauty, hope, kindness is gone
What stays behind is the pain

Now, if I could turn back time
So that alive she would stay
I would grab the chance tight
And this is what I'd say:

Live only for yourself, dear,
Go create your own joy
Only let those close who care
Not those who see you as a toy

And love will come in it's own time
Don't give away too quick your heart
Perhaps to God, or Jesus, maybe
Make boys work for you, and work hard.

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