Memories, reminiscience

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Something something something dark side

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



You're a hard one to forget
I know people often say
Out of sight, out of mind
Seems you're the exception
When you left, it hurted
I thought I'd die then
But somehow I survived
I came through, stronger
And I learned to manage
On my own. learned to be happy
Without having to be in love
Learned valuable lessons of life
I grew stronger, but also weaker
More independant, but more isolated
In the end, we all die alone.
But, so many things i was sure of
I'be started to doubt lately
Like, love. I don't think I
Understand true love
just my own interpretation
of what true love is
Not to find the perfect boyfriend
or even the perfect girlfriend
But to create the perfect relationship
By dedicating yourself
to making it work
To give, without asking in return
to be grateful for what you get
To be there for eachother
Support eachother. be close
but give some freedom too
To make sacrifices to make it work
whether it means kissing that cute boy
or hanging out with that charming girl
Not having that butterfly feeling every day
But feel like you're coming home in their arms
My home is where my loved one is
Learn to love yourself and
You'll always have a home
But my definition of love
I wonder, is what I seek
not just mere affection?
The feeling someone cares for me
because they want to, not because they have to
like family and some kinds of friends often do
and who is willing to spend her time
and her energy making me happy
By being there for me, completing me
And in turn, I will do what I can
To return the happiness she gives to me
Is that love? or is that just
an illusion concorted by my mind
To explain something I don't understand?

When I think of the times we've had together
through a photograph, or a sudden memory
Was that love? was that friendship?
Or was that something undefined?
What I know is, it's in the past now
And I've stopped wondering, whether
it will be in my future too.
Que sera sera, I'll see
What the future brings to me
And if you'll be more
then a chain of memories

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