School Night(mare)

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A girl finds herself alone at her high school in total darkness. She decides to find shelter in the school until morning. She explores the second floor, only to be troubled by something haunting her every movement.

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



Darkness.What am I doing here?


It's night time outside and the school building is dark. There's nobody around, not even a single car in the parking lot. How did I even get here?

The night sky was cloudy. The moon hid behind the clouds. No stars were in sight. The tall light posts that were scattered all over the lot were off. No vehicles were driving down the highway. The only light that kept me sane was the Exit sign, glaring at me through the glass door of the building. It's cold out here. Maybe I should go inside and make it my shelter for tonight. Until school begins in the morning.

I've got a bad feeling. The cafeteria looks lonely with nobody exploring it. I might want to avoid the small library at this moment, despite it being my favorite place during school. I don't know where the electricity box is located. I should go upstairs to one of the labs. I'll sleep under one of the counters for tonight.

I slowly feel my way up the stairs in the blinding darkness. I must be going insane, since I hear voices of students fading into the background every now and then. No worries, it'll be morning soon.

Once I make it to the top of the stairs, I see light coming out from a window of a classroom door. I walk up to it and knock. A man, probably a teacher, opens up.

" What is it?" He asks in an angry British accent.

I look behind him and see my friends sitting in desks, fooling around. I wave at them, but they pay no attention. I look back at the teacher. " May I come in?"

" No," he responds in a bitter tone.

" Why?" I ask desperately.

" Go into that room," he says, pointing at the last classroom down the hall; my Biology class.

" But the lights are off, Sir."

" They'll turn on," he growls, closing the door as he walks back into the room. Once his door shuts, the classroom lights do the same. I look into the window. Complete emptiness.

I walk down the hall to my Biology classroom. As I approach it, the lights immediately turn on.

I knock on the door. The lights turn off. " Mr. Franks? Are you there?" No response.

The door slowly opens a crack. I grab the handle to open it more. As I begin to open it, I feel a freezing hand creeping up towards the back of my neck, sending chills and a tickle down my spine. It grips me tighter. I can't react. I can't breathe. I can't-


I wake up with a shock in the winter dawn of my room. My heart racing, my eyes wide and cold sweat on my face and neck. It was just a dream. I look out my open window. The sky is dark blue, the sun is slowly rising. Just a few hours before school begins. Maybe I should skip my Biology class today?

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