Teetering on the edge

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Just a poem I wrote. Enjoy. © Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

Submitted: July 24, 2011

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Submitted: July 24, 2011



Here I stand and here I wait

I’m shut inside trapped well the monsters devour me

Staring out a window that will never break

The window pane reflects onto the ocean the only thing my eyes can see

I scream as I try to show the panic arising from my bones

To think I once was outside these walls

The monsters are coming closer here into what they call the unknowns

I listen as my voice bounces off the deadly silent halls

My soul is teetering on the seams

I can’t bear to close my eyes and see the horror of the unseen

And soon my heart will be left here as I fall head first into my dreams

To think this life was once of so keen

They whisper words to me to shut my eyes and glue them tight

I can almost hear the wind rustle in the dead oak tree

So I won’t die of utter fright

If only I could escape and go beyond the sea

Where maybe the right person is waiting for me

To gather me up in his arms and keep me warm

But that is a fantasy that will never be

I know it sounds silly and my thoughts are probably

right but a part of me resides here for I am torn

My head is telling me to leave

Find the door and take the key

Of course that’s not something my mind or body can achieve

Then I would be set free

But this is my own personal hell

If I could leave myself behide and go to where the air is clear

But I can’t because here hell is in me

If only things would what they seem to appear

There’s no one to turn to, nowhere to hide, and nowhere to run

Pain surrounds me like a veil on a cloudy day

It looks like the other me has won

There’s no use anymore as I give in I must let my heart decay

For all hope is lost

I will be the death of myself they say

I will wait for the frost

To come and numb my heart out for I must pay

© Copyright 2017 forbidden secrets . All rights reserved.

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