Love Never Dies (The Film)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is how I imagine that they should make the movie for love never dies. It is purely based off of the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber and my own imagination. This is in no way at all the actual play, as I have not actually seen it. As I said it's just the music and my own imagination.

Please comment and let me know what you think. I would love any feedback as this is my first time attempting a script.

It's rated PG for anything that might happen later on. Enjoy!!

Characters for Scene: Madam Giry, Fleck.
Costumes: Giry – old clothes she has kept from her time in Paris, back when she was at the opera house.
Fleck – She is wearing the few pieces of clothing she has at all. It appears that the makeup she wore when Coney Island was buzzing with life is on her face.
Zoom’s in from the sea onto Madam Giry sitting at the dock, looking out to the sea, thinking about the past of the Coney Island. The sounds of waves crashing against the shore resounding around her the sounds of seagulls screeching into the air. Giry is dressed, in very old clothes from Paris. A/N:They are not exactly rags but you can easily tell that they are quite ancient.
Madam Giry:Phantasma, city of wonders. (pause) Mr. Y presents marvellous astonishments, human prodigies. (pause) Ha. (pause) The Oolala Girl, five performances daily. (pause) Christine Daae, (pause) the soprano of the century. (pause) Gone, all gone
Fleck comes out of the shadows, hearing the words of Madam’s Giry.
Fleck: Yes, (pause) there’s nothing left, (pause) nothing but ghosts, (pause) but I knew you’d come back, (pause) Madame Giry.
Madam Giry turns surprised to find that fleck is still there.
Madam Giry: You, (pause) you’re still, (pause) here. She says astonished and pained, believing that she was all alone to find that she wasn’t alone at all.
Fleck: Of course we’re still here, the freaks, the monsters, the bizarre. Where else could we exist but here? (pause) And after the tragedy, after the master disappeared with the child, after the fire that consumed everything. She says pained, longingly for the past where the ‘freaks’ could live with some dignity amongst the ‘normal’.
Madame Giry: His dream. Our dream. She echo’s the longing in fleck’s voice, the longing for the past. For the world she helped the phantom build.
Fleck: Remember how it was? Remember?  She asks, wickedly, her lips curving into a smirk. As Fleck and Giry start singing about Coney Island the old deserted Island behind them, starts flickering to life. The streets lights flicker until they are brightening up the street.

Fleck singing: Coney Isle. Glistening and glimmering, rising bright, Drenched with light, See it smile, Beckoning and shimmering, all agleam, like a dream
Fleck and Madame Giry singing in union: Every fantasy set free, Sun rising by the sea
As Giry rises up signing with passion for ‘their’ dream Coney Island becomes more alive, people start to litter the streets buzzing with excitement and life. The screams of peoples on rollercoaster, the buzz of children on holiday with their parents, all of America was there, searching for thrills after thrills. All ignored Giry – and fleck - as Giry signs.
Madame Giry singing: Coney isle
Miracle and miracle
Lead and sound
All around
Mile by mile
Loud and lured and lyrical
Thrill and thrill
Never still
All America was there
Bigger next to billionaire
Coney Island is alive with life and excitement, Giry continues to get further into the music, signing with all of her heart over Coney Island and her dreams, ‘their dreams’.

In they came
Chasing sensation and romance
Eyes aflame
Desperate for pleasure yet unknown
Night and day
Pouring in by a hundreds and thousands
Swept away
As if every desire was made real
Fleck and Giry turns to the scream of a child, but find none there. Memories of the ‘accident’ come to Giry’s mind. The camera flies through the crowd, showing the life of Coney Island flying up to the top of the carnival; The Phantom’s chamber. We see a glimpse of the Phantom. Then, Black out.

Submitted: August 09, 2010

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