Dear Little Brother and His Annoying Friend

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I have a little brother. This is just a little thing I came up with one irritating night when his friend decided to stay the night.

Submitted: July 07, 2010

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Submitted: July 07, 2010



Dear Little Brother and His Annoying Friend,


I understand that you enjoy staying up as late as possible, but I see it as unnecessary to giggle and squeal like school girls each time either of you makes a sound. Every time you make such noises as these, it wakes myself and the parents that have so kindly agreed to board both of you in the household rather than forcing you to sleep in the backyard. Remember that our rooms are separated by a mere five inches of hollow wall that would take me one try to punch through. That statement was not only an example, but a warning, so please take careful note of it.

Your video games do not need to be turned to the highest volume, your music does not need to be of the loudest quality, and you do not need to torment my cat every second you can. It is not my fault when said cat scratches or bites you, for I have warned you several times to leave her alone, and when the vase ends up shattered on the floor, do not expect me to cover for you, as you should not have been throwing the ball around the house in the first place.

My money is not for your taking, my candy is not to be touched, and when you set foot inside my room you can expect to be punched in the face. But despite everything I had warned you of in the above letter, I honestly hope you enjoy yourselves.


-With much irritation, your big sister.

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