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Not sure how this one came out to be honest, but here it is. Enjoy

Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017



It was ready. I loaded the hit into the syringe and flicked it a few times, so everything mixed in well. It took some time to find veins these days. Once I found a good one, I slowly inserted the syringe into my arm and pushed down. My arm covered in black scabs, and I had lost intense amounts of weight. But this wasn’t my addiction. He was. How could do something like that to me? I was always there for him. I gave him a child. I gave him my life and love. But that wasn’t enough for him. My thoughts were slowed as I slipped into the unearthly ecstasy as the heroin kicked in. This time I did more than usual, just to see the effects. The world faded as I floated in an altered bliss. My memories of the past no longer held any importance. The waves of pleasure slowly pulsing through my body. A world of happiness and color. This world was the place I lived in. Earth was no longer my home, now only a place of depression and an onslaught of sadness. Why would I want to be there? This was my home and I intended to stay. I heard a distant scream, from the other world. It sounded like “Call a fucking ambulance now! She’s fucking overdosed!” I heard sirens some time later and people rushing and yelling but they did not matter. I just wanted to be alone in my happy place. I felt the world shifting below me, like a wind was blowing me I was floating around. A cold and sharp wind. A felt a prick in my arm, and my world slowly started to fade and I was drawn back to earth forcefully. I focused my eyes on the paramedic beside me in the ambulance, looking through things on the shelves. I flew myself at him and wrapped my hands around his throat, his flesh warming my cold hands. “Muhuh-Micheal! Pull over now!” He struggled to say. The ambulance grinded to halt, as the paramedic fought against my grip, and throwing me to the floor with force. He quickly grabbed a syringe, unpackaged it and quickly stabbed me in the leg as I was struggling to regain posture. My muscles went limp, as he and the driver lifted me onto the bed, my vision blurring and fading as I slipped into a deep slumber. 

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