sudden lightsources

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Sudden lightsources.

Instant zen. Calm birds flying by. Calming emptyness of various birds moving by. Instant zen after moving into coastal ways. I see empty hills after morving forward towards the empty sun. Calming birds flying by into shady mud patterns. Still calm, still moving by. As empty birds fly by the coast. Coastal wayyards upon moving shades. Afternoon calmness as i drink my tea to eternity. Way coastal patterns upon moving shades of calm sands. Way coastal lines upon the moving hills. The chillout. Various chill calm. Empty hills after moving suns of calm and empty childhood. Empty hills flying by the coast. As I see the birds flying by various thoughts come to my mind. Empty castles of empty hills flying off into castle hills of sunrise and calm. Sudden chill as coastal castles move into shades of castle lines. Various chill as empty lines of castle hills move by. So calm that roses turn to various chill as calm layouts of empty sands move into the calm neighbourhood. Empty castles of layout chill as empty vampire hearts search for calm patterns of afternoon calm. Still searching for calm hills as various lights shine brightly in afternoon sun and calm. So chilled that various velvets of blue and red turn into calm sands of neighbouring dustlines. Sudden chillines as the roses turn into green marble. Still shinining brightly along the sunrise. Various calm.
As the moon rises towards a castle of skyroses sudden chill explodes into a sudden calm shining hill. Various lightsources moving by. Empty castles upon the moving skyline. So bright.
So bright.
Sudden explosion of sunlight as moon skies upon moon hills vary in different scaled patterns. Sudden calm as roses of dust and sandstorms appear in dark clouds of sudden chilled hilllines.
Sudden vampire.
Sudden dark.
Seeing the sun as the lightsources move into eternity.

Submitted: March 31, 2022

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